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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who Designs These Things Anyway?

Last week in an attempt to squeeze one more strength training workout into 2011 I pulled this workout out of my most recent Self magazine: 6 Easy Moves to a Sexy Upper Body

Looked simple enough. Some dumbbells and a stability ball? I got that.

Of course, I should have known that when one of the pictures is this I should just laugh hysterically:

Even when I was lifting weights more regularly I couldn't hold that position. I can sit like that with my knees bent, though, so I did that. But, really, "easy"? I don't know about that.

Then there was this move:

Looks simple enough, right? Except for some reason I kept pushing myself away from the wall, rolling forward, and falling off the stability ball. Doesn't help that our basement is slated towards the middle of the floor. Gravity was probably having its way with me as I attempted this particular move.

But then, the one that seems like it should really be easy?

I never did figure that move out! The instructions make sense but in practice it just doesn't seem to work. Maybe I need the Self magazine trainer to come to my house for an individual demonstration.

Anyway, I gave up and just did some random things using the weights in the basement. I don't like not having a strength training plan but I REALLY don't like having one that I'm pretty sure no one ever actually tested.