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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outside the Bubble

This time last year I was out doing speedwork in the dark. (Bonus: if you go to that post you’ll get the reference I made in my previous post about the Bike That Couldn’t Slow Down).

Last night was the start of those winter speedwork sessions.  I had so much fun doing it last year and I’m a little sad that I’m not out there this year.

But, I discovered a benefit to being injured.  You have the time to do other fun things! 

Two weeks ago my favorite wine store & bar sent out an email announcing their upcoming events.  On the calendar?  A guided painting session lead by The Twisted Easel.  The goal?  Create your own version of this:



If I’d been able to run I would have been torn between doing speedwork and attending the painting class.  Runners are typically a little OCD and in 2011 missing a run would leave me feeling guilty.  I fully admit I can be a slave to a training schedule. 

But this year, instead of sitting around wishing I was running or feeling torn between getting in a workout or attending the class, I signed up for the painting class without a moment’s hesitation!

First, though, I arrived at the wine bar a little early and treated myself to dinner and dessert.  And, of course, some wine.

painting 001

Then it was time to paint.  The instructors were amazing and walked us through every step with encouragement, guidance, and suggestions along the way.

painting 002painting 003painting 004painting 005painting 006

painting 009painting 012

There were about 10 ladies in attendance and we all laughed and encouraged each other while painting and drinking wine. 

It was one of the most fun evenings I’ve had in awhile.  Was it out of my comfort zone?  Definitely.  Was it a little bit therapeutic?  You bet.  I plan to hang this in my office at work to remind myself to not be so tunnel-visioned.  There are so many things out there to try. 

Like a different painting next month!