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Friday, January 6, 2012

I Work Out

I thought I’d share a little photo montage of what I’ve been up to the past few days in terms of working out.

I’m getting reacquainted with our basement “gym”.  Jason got an Apple TV for Christmas and he hooked it up down there so that we can watch Netflix stuff while using our stationary bikes without having to drag them upstairs.  Awesome!


workouts 002


That was Wednesday night.  Thank goodness Bones Season 6 is finally available via Netflix Instant Queue!  I rode for an entire 40 minute episode.  I just hope that Jason follows thru on my suggestion of getting me a bike computer for my birthday.  A girl can only be so zen about her workouts, you know?

Anyway, Thursday night I wanted to lift weights.  I got home from work and picked up my copy of Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough.  I flipped through it but ultimately decided I wasn’t in the mood to try something new.  So, I just stuck with some things I already know.


workouts 007

Straight Leg (aka Romanian Deadlifts)


workouts 009

Dumbbell shoulder presses


workouts 015

Step Ups with Dumbbells

workouts 018

Bent Over Row

workouts 021

Lunges with side twists

workouts 027

workouts 026

“T” Push-Ups

workouts 032

Stability Ball Crunches

workouts 034

Side Steps w/Resistance Band


workouts 037

Stability Ball Back Crunches

workouts 042

Clams with Resistance Band

For anyone who claims that strength training isn’t a good workout, well, there’s a reason I had to strip off my shirt!  Our basement is about 60o degrees and I broke a sweat halfway through my workout.  Whew!

So far it’s been fun just doing what I want when I want!  I felt pretty good after my workouts this week.  Let’s hope the trend continues for as long as it can.


workouts 045