A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Weeks

On the advice of all my running club buddies, I went to get a second opinion on my hip issue from their recommended doctor.

Yes, I still have a labral tear. I'm actually still on the schedule for surgery on March 20th. But before I do that the newest doctor wants to me take three weeks.

Three weeks of what?

Three weeks of no running, first of all.

Three weeks of more physical therapy focused on my left iliospoas and hip flexor.

Three weeks of riding my bike and avoiding strength training that requires the use of my hip flexor. So, no more straight leg deadlifts for awhile. *tear* I like those. Also, he said no more shoulder presses for awhile. Replace them with flys.

All of this to see if the pain I'm having is really being caused by the tear or something else.

So what did I do for a workout on Wednesday night?

Well, I rode my bike for 50 minutes. 40 minutes of easy riding, 4 minutes of Tabata intervals, and 6 minutes of cool down.

Then I took the doctor's advice and stuck to deltoid flys, chest flys, lying tricep extensions, bench presses, side steps with the resistance band, and some stability ball crunches.

I'm also supposed to stretch. A lot. Which reminds me, I need to do some stretches. It's times like this I enjoy having an actual office at work. Shut the door and stretch away.