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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Erin The Instructor

I've mentioned a few times that my coworkers recruited me to lead them in a 30 minute strength training class twice a week. It seems that everyone has a dumbbell or two sitting around the house collecting dust that they aren't sure what to do with. So I asked them to bring dumbbells and a yoga mat. We reserved the conference/classroom on our floor. I pulled up the Top Hits station on Pandora and unveiled Workout 1:
1A Bird Dog (10 reps, alternate sides)
1B Roll Up (10 reps)

2A Walking Lunge w/twist (across the short axis of the room)
2B One arm dumbbell row (10 each side)

Side steps with resistance band (across short axis of room and back)

Front Plank (15 sec)
Left side plank (15 sec)
Right side plank (15 sec)

Push Ups - Initial Test
It was so much fun to expose people to new exercises that they'd never tried before. Hearing them exclaim when I had them working a part of their body that had been neglected. I tried to keep the exercises simple and easy since this isn't a crowd that works out regularly. But they said they could still feel the burn!

I forgot a lot of things I wanted to say (like "shoulders down and back" during the roll ups) but, hey, it was my first time! I'll get better.

I came right back to my office and immediately put together Thursday's workout. I only had three people attend on Monday. I'm looking forward to what happens when word gets out that it was fun.

So, since I'm sure I'll be coming up with a lot more workouts, what are your favorite strength training exercises to do when all you have is body weight, dumbbells, and resistance bands?