A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Review

Let's see....

Friday night I rode my bike on the trainer for another episode of Bones. I tried to throw in some Tabata intervals but I didn't use a timer and I'm sure I didn't push myself to 100% so they were sort of half-assed intervals.

Saturday I went for a six mile run. I could have gotten up and run with the running club but for some reason I just wasn't feeling the 7:30 AM start time. Yes, it's nice to get your workout done early and have the rest of the day. But, I also like sleep. I like it a lot, actually. So, I slept in and went for a six miler on the Salt Creek bike path instead. My Garmin was acting really funky, though, so I'm not even really looking at the results. But, hey, I believe this was my longest run since the Las Vegas Marathon December 4th!

Speaking of running, I saw the hip surgeon today and he said he would prefer that I not run between now and at least 12 weeks after my surgery. Okay, how about I don't run very much? Also, I'm pleased that he downgraded my non-running recovery time from 9 months to twelve weeks. Of course, it depends on how badly torn my labrum is but I feel a little better after talking to him. Tentatively planning to schedule my surgery for March. What better way to spend Jason's spring break than laid up on the couch?

Sunday I did some more strength training but swapped out the "T" push-ups and stability ball stuff for planks, both front and side, and some bench presses. I was also going to try the Tabata intervals on the treadmill (downloaded a timer app and everything!) but Jason had rearranged the electricals in the basement and the treadmill was no longer plugged in and I didn't feel like futzing with it. But he used the treadmill this morning so I'll definitely be trying them one day this week!