A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Workouts

This weekend was the first time so far that I've wished I could just go for a run.

But I'm not supposed to so I got on my stationary bike and watched Disney's Tangled while I rode.

Seventy-five minutes later I got off the bike and tested out my workout for today's strength training class (I'll post that tomorrow).

I hope that made up for the ice cream sundae I ate on Friday night. I admit it, ice cream is my weakness. I love it. And I was craving it. And when I was marathon training I ate it almost every night and thought nothing about getting a sundae every so often.

This moderation thing is tough.

Another example of how tough it is?

Well, my left leg didn't particularly love upping my bike time from 50 minutes to 75 minutes all at once. My hip was pretty sore on Sunday morning. I didn't want to get on the bike and aggravate it. I thought about powerwalking on the treadmill but I wasn't positive I could avoid the urge to break out into a run. But I knew I was going out to brunch with my parents so I wanted to get in some kind of activity beforehand.

So I turned to our trusty Netflix subscription and found a workout video:

This combination of yoga and Pilates felt pretty good and I even learned a new move that I incorporated into my strength training class. I broke a slight sweat but that may have been due to the fact that we keep our house at 70oF in the winter.

I kind of burned out on running and racing by the end of 2011. But I think the urge is back. Hopefully I can be back out there sooner rather than later.