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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday Strength Mania



After tweaking the original workout, here’s what I had my coworkers do on Monday: 

1A Bridges (10)

1B Prone Cobra (20 sec)

1C Rope Climber Crunches (10)


2A Flys

Chest (10, on floor)

Shoulder (10, standing)

Reverse (10, bent over)

2B Single leg dumbbell deadlifts (10)


3A Inchworms (8)

3B Leg Lifts (10 each side)


Push – Ups (Day 1, week 2, hundredpushups.com)

Note: See original post for links to exercises not linked here


No one stopped by my office on Tuesday to complain about being sore so either they’re getting stronger or I didn’t work them hard enough.  I hope it’s the former. 

I hadn’t decided if I was going to try for a cardio workout in the evening or not.   First, I had a doctor’s appointment with the doctor who told me to take three weeks off from running.

The verdict?  He’s still not sure what’s wrong with me.  So, we’re going to try a cortisone shot.  That will be more diagnostic than anything.  If that helps take my pain away it will give him a better idea about what’s going on.  But, just like after all my doctor’s appointments where they poke at my hip, I left feeling sore.

Forty-five minutes of physical therapy didn’t really help, either.

So even though I turned off the tv after dinner with all intentions of doing some doctor-recommended power-walking on the treadmill my hip ached like the dickens when I stood up.  Back to the couch I went with an ice pack. 

It still aches right now but there was never a question of squeezing in a workout today.  Meetings during the day and a birthday dinner for the hubby after work. 

2011_christmas_photo 023

Congratulations on surviving 33 years!


I’ll be back at it tomorrow with some strength training and power walking.