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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday Moves


It’s interesting.  Just like how the gym tends to be busier on Mondays, my coworkers are way more into doing our strength class on Mondays, too.  I had my usual three on Monday and we did the following workout:


1A "Bench" Press w/sit up (10)
1B Superman (10)
1C Willow (10)
2A Lateral Raise w/external rotation (10)
2B Squat w/tricep press (10)
3A Dumbbell Swing (10)
3B Clams w/resistance band (10 each side)
Push-Ups (Week 1, Day 2 of hundredpushups.com)

I’m still having issues with teaching them how to do push-ups.  I don’t want to have them do “girl” push-ups (aka on their knees) but they are really struggling with regular push-ups.  So on Monday I gave them an alternate of doing them on an incline (i.e. put their hands up on a table) and some of them were even still having problems with that! 

I know push-ups aren’t easy.  I just wish I could help them get better faster.  Or maybe I should just stick to something easier.  But, hey, you never get better if you only do easy! 

Anyway, leading strength class was my only workout for the day.  At least I used my 8 pound weights instead of my 5 pounders! 

Oh, I also told them about Tabata intervals.  They seemed intrigued.  I told them to start slow and be careful so hopefully none of them will kill themselves.