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Friday, February 3, 2012

Not According to Plan



Ever have one of those days when your best intentions just go out the window? 

That was yesterday.

Actually, my day wasn’t THAT bad.  It just didn’t go according to plan.

Spent most of my morning dealing with work drama.  Thankfully my boss is awesome and will totally go to bat for my employee and I but the situation still became way more of a mess than it should have.  Ask me about it some time.  Anyway, it ended up with me not getting nearly as much stuff done as I wanted.

I WAS able to lead my strength class, thankfully.  We went back to what I’m calling Workout 1:

1A Bird Dog (10 reps, alternate sides)
1B Roll Up (10 reps)

2A Walking Lunge w/twist 
2B One arm dumbbell row (10 each side)

Side steps with resistance band 

Front Plank (20 sec)
Left side plank (20 sec)
Right side plank (20 sec)

Push Ups – Day 2 of hundredpushups.com

Then I had to run several errands and didn’t really get a chance to eat lunch.  And while the trail mix, Gnu bar, carrots & mustard and grapes I ate technically added up to a sufficient amount of calories, I still didn’t feel sated.

After work I had an hour of PT that was basically 10 minutes of massage, 40 minutes of strength training, and 10 minutes of icing.  So, I guess I got in two strength workouts in one day?

Next was running more errands before I finally made it home around 7:15 PM.

By this time I was HUNGRY!

So, I made myself dinner.

iPhone_photos 401

Yes, sometimes I even cook with the wine

I finished making and eating dinner around 8:00 PM. I suppose I still could have gotten on the bike trainer for a bit after dinner but I have this strange mental block about working out after dinner.  It’s as if dinner equals the end of my day and nothing can happen after that.  Maybe that’s something I need to work on?

I admit, I occasionally still fall into the trap of feeling guilty if I don’t get in what I consider to be a “hard” workout 5 days a week.  Yesterday was one of those “guilt” days.  But, really, it’s okay if you don’t drip sweat every day.  Right?