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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stretched Out

You may remember when we last spoke I was complaining of horrible hip/glute pain.  Well, I saw my PT last Thursday and she massaged the hell out of my sore area and I felt better almost immediately.  We’re not sure what happened but somehow those muscles got too tight. 

To be honest, I think my favorite part of PT is the massages they do.  I always feel better.

She also used the a strap to help “distract” my hip joint.


You can kind of see it being demonstrated in the above photo.  See how he has that black belt around her upper leg and then around his lower body?  Anyway, as he leans back it pulls the hip joint apart giving some relief.  Weird, but it works.

The other thing my PT did was give me a heel lift for my shoe.  Apparently my left leg is occasionally shorter than my right.

Adjustable heel lift

Which I then promptly wore home and went powerwalking on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Then the bike for 10 minutes.

Stupid idea, by the way.  My left shin started aching again afterward.  My doctor chastised me on Monday.  Oh well, live and learn.  It went away as soon as I took it easier with the heel lift.

Speaking of Monday, other than 15 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike on Friday morning I didn’t work out again until Monday evening. 

What did I do on Monday evening?

I went to the gym!


I hadn’t been to the gym in ages.  I rode the stationary bike and did some planks and bird dogs before I went to the grocery store.  I wanted to do some push-ups, too, but eating a dinner comprised mostly of fiber and then trying to work my lower abs was not the best plan before a workout, FYI. 

On Monday I also led one of my coworkers in Workout 1 where I swapped out the one armed dumbbell row for upright rows. 

I was expecting to get a cortisone shot in my hip on Monday but it ended up not happening.  So the gym trip was a pleasant surprise since I originally thought I’d be laying on the couch instead. 

I think I’m doing a pretty good job of getting in workouts even thought I can’t run.  I realized yesterday that it’s been over a month since I went for a run.  And while I miss it, I’m still enjoying trying to figure out new and different ways to enjoy my workouts.  Speaking of which, I really need to cash in these yoga Groupons….