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Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

August 1 - August 7

Aug 1

8 slow miles. It was hot. And humid. Pretty sure the clothes I wore are still damp.

Aug 2

I got to workout with Kim! She had a two-day conference down by my house so she stayed overnight with us on Tuesday. It was way too hot to run so instead we did a strength workout together.
3x6 One armed dumbbell snatch
3x6 Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift
3x6 Barbell bent-over row
3x6 Dumbbell bench press
Plank 3x90 seconds
3x6 Reverse woodchop
Body matrix x2

Kim is much better at planks than I am. Actually, she was better at a lot of those things than I am.

Aug 3

4 miles total during Wednesday night "speedwork" that wasn't very speedy. On purpose.

Also, I rode my bike to and from the track for a total of 5.5 miles.

Aug 4

3 miles with a break in the middle to lift weights.
3x6 Barbell Romanian Deadlift w/bent over row
3x6 Single leg squat
3x6 Wide grip lat pulldown
3x6 Back extension
3x6 "YTWL"
3x6 Swiss Ball Crunch
3x6 Prone Jackknife
3x6 Lateral flexion
3x90 seconds Prone Cobra
I had to go down in weight on the wide grip lap pulldown which is weird. Not sure what happened there.

Aug 5

Rest day!

Actually, Jason and I went to see the musical Beauty and the Beast on stage in downtown Chicago. We made it a date night and got dressed up and went to dinner. I wore my new dress that shows off my awesome runner's legs. Seriously, the saleswoman at the store where I bought said that if she had legs like mine she would have bought that dress in a minute.

It was a great night until on the way home we turned a corner and came upon a bicycle versus truck accident that had just happened moments before. Good Samaritans were waving off traffic and kneeling by the victim in the street while they waited for the ambulance, but it was too late. It really shook me up because, as a newer cyclist, I worry about things like that. After reading the news article that had more details it seems to be some kind of freak accident. Still, it reminded me to always be super-cautious when cycling.

Aug 6

Just Book It! 5K. A fun way to get in some miles, support a good cause, and hang with friends.

Aug 7

Sunday morning I got up and Jason and I drove to Waterfall Glen forest preserve to meet some of the OPRC gang for a long run for me and bike ride for him.

I joined up with Claudia and together we ran 12 miles. I convinced her to take walk breaks with me every two miles and she agreed they made a huge difference.

I was a little worried because the only Shot Bloks I had left were ones with caffeine. Consider I rarely drink caffeine (only a few times a month and just tea at that) I didn't know what it would do to my system. I seemed to do okay but I don't know if I would take them on a much longer run.

We started getting rained on about mile 10 but I didn't really care that much. Again, thankfully, it was overcast but not nearly as humid as it could have been. Overall it was one of the better long runs I've had in a while. We planned to average a 10:25 pace and ended up with a 10:00 minute pace. Possibly a little too fast for me! Still, I felt good and I'm glad I felt strong until the last mile when we increased our speed to try and beat the heavy rain.

Watefall Glen Long Run w/OPRC by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

Total running mileage: 30.1
Total biking mileage: 5.5
Total strength workouts: 2