A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

May 23 - May 29

May 23

This ended up being a rest day due to being at a conference all day and then attending my office's "end of the year" dinner. Hey, we work for a university. Our year end is a little different than other people's.

May 24

I debated whether I wanted to run or go to the gym. I ended up going to the gym. In hindsight, I probably should have run, but it is what it is.
2x10 Box Deadlifts
2x10 Bulgarian Squat
2x10 Underhand grip lat pulldown
2x10 Reverse lunge from box w/forward reach
2x10 Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch
2x10 Swiss ball crunch
2x10 Reverse crunch
2x10 Lateral flexion
1x60 seconds Prone Cobra
1x75 seconds Prone Cobra
I also did 15 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike. Ended up being at the gym for almost two hours. How did that happen??

May 25

Wednesday's weather was a little iffy and I worried we'd have another track session cut short by rain. Still, I took my chances and decided to bike the 3 miles from my house to the track. Forgot to turn on the Garmin, though, so I don't know if it was leisurely or what. I can tell you, however, the thing I'm really looking forward to about the duathlon is being able to ride my bike without having to stop for traffic at intersections!

Once at the track workout (which I didn't get a chance to do a separate entry about), our Coach asked how many people were running the Soldier Field 10 Mile race on Saturday. When more than half of us answered in the affirmative she changed our planned workout from 4 or 5x4:00 minutes at 5K pace to 3x600 meters at 1 mile pace with 600 meter rest intervals.

We did our usual 15 minutes of warm-up and then my failure to use my Garmin continued. As such, I only managed to time myself for one of the 600s. That time? 2:40 or a 7:10 pace. And based on looking at the graph, I think the others were about the same.

OPRC Speedwork by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

And while the rain held off, the temperatures dropped drastically. That 3 mile bike ride home was cold! (No Garmin stats for that one, either)

May 26

Chase Corporate Challenge!

May 27

Rest day. In fact, other than going to PT I didn't do anything. I even took the day off work. Well, I guess I sat on the couch and read a book on my new Kindle. I think Friday's official theme song was this:

May 28

Soldier Field 10 Mile. Yes, two races in one week.

May 29

I don't normally run on Sundays and I definitely don't normally run the day after a race, but this Sunday was special. Kim was running the Madison (WI) Marathon and I wanted to help her through those last six miles. So I drove to Madison and stood in the rain waiting for her to crest a small hill. Huge thanks to the random spectators who let me stand under their umbrella and gave me a towel to use.

Together we finished the last 6.14 miles of the marathon. I distracted her by telling her the plots of my two most recent Kindle reads as well as being my generally annoying self. You can read Kim's full account here. When she entered the (strangely long) finishing chute I went off to the side but continued to run and cheer. She ended up beating her Chicago Marathon time by quite a bit!

Total running mileage: 24.15
Total strength workouts: 1