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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tortoises and Hares

Last week at track our coach put two people from our group side by side and asked them about their favorite and least favorite running workouts. The verdict?

Some of us are tortoises and some of us are hares.

This has nothing to do with how fast you. It has everything to do with how fast you like to go.

Do you like to run fast for short periods of time? You're a hare. Do you prefer long, slower runs? You're a tortoise.

Can you guess which one I am?

Well, I put myself into "hare" territory. I can bust out interval after interval but my endurance and stamina are pretty cruddy. Tempo runs are my least favorite thing on the planet (as evidenced by many a whine-fest in this here blog) and I dread them every time I have to do them. Trying to hold a certain pace during a long run always worries me. But tell me I have to hit a certain time during an interval workout and I'm usually pretty happy. Unless I go out too fast. Which us hares tend to do.

So this week we did another interval workout where the hares had to focus on not going out too fast (or running too fast in general) and the tortoises were supposed to work on getting faster.

We also talked about not running our training runs too fast lest we burn out, get injured, or just trash our legs before race day. As a hare, I admit I'm quite guilty of running too fast sometimes.

I did the same workout as one back in January. 5x3:00 minutes @ current 5K pace with 3:00 minute jogging intervals. For reference, my current 5K PR pace is 8:00 minutes/mile. Thursday night I was going to try my hardest to stick to that! Don't go out too fast. Don't run the intervals too fast.

Did I succeed?
1st 3:00 interval - .39 miles (7:41 pace)
2nd 3:00 interval - .38 miles (7:48 pace)
3rd 3:00 interval - .39 miles (7:45 pace)
4th 3:00 interval - .39 miles (7:43 pace)
5th 3:00 interval - .40 miles (7:34 pace)
ARGH! The hare tendencies are strong in this one.

At least I'm consistent?

OPRC Speedwork by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details