A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Four Mile Lunch

I think we're going for an alcohol theme on this here blog this week.

Just kidding.

Except my Garmin apparently decided that taking a three (or four) martini lunch sounded better than running yesterday and, as such, didn't pick up a satellite signal until 2.5 miles into our 4 mile lunch time run. I just said screw it and didn't even bother to hit "Start" at that point.

So I ran by feel and I think I felt pretty good. Much better than Monday night. Especially considering we were running into the 10+ mile an hour wind for 2.5 miles. One of the guys I was running with said he read that when you're biking into the wind you should put in earplugs so you can't hear the wind. Apparently hearing the wind psyches you out and causes you to go slower than you need to. He figured the same thing would apply to running. Could be an interesting experiment.

Other fun running-related items from Tuesday? We had our first Madison to Chicago relay team meeting. We assigned vans and chose which legs each person is running. I'm in Van 2 and am runner #11. What does that mean?

I get to run 5.8 miles starting at approximately 7:30 PM. Then 4 miles at 4:00 AM. And, finally, 8.2 miles around 1:30 PM. It's definitely going to be an adventure and a half.

I'm also 90% sure I'm signing up for the Grand Haven Duathlon. I'm just waiting for another woman from work to confirm whether or not she's signing up, too. We have a free place to stay in Grand Haven thanks to one of the guys from the lunch time running crew but if she doesn't sign up it will just be me and several guys from work. And, while I like all of them, I thought that would be kind of weird. What do you think?