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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two for One


Since I took Monday off from running (hey, it was hot and I was feeling lazy), Wednesday night's track session was my first run of the week. And what did it have in store for me?

A 2 mile time trial. 2 miles @ 5K pace.

Well, first we did our warm up and running drills, then we did 2x200 to try and dial in on our pace. The best thing about my 5K pace being 8:00 minutes? It's easily divisible by 2 and 4s...perfect for being on the track!

This meant that my 200s should have taken me 1 minute each. My first one was 53 seconds. Oops. The second, though, was 59 seconds. Better!

I did my best not to go out too fast during the first few laps of the 2 miles. In fact, I think I did too well. During the warm up my legs felt like lead and I just wasn't feeling the speed. Whether that's because of all the running I did the week before or the fact that I rode my bike to the track I don't know.

Anyway, my first mile was 8:24. Quite a bit off my goal of 8:00 or 8:05. And I forgot to hit the "Lap" button on my Garmin at the end of each lap so I'm not sure what my splits looked like. I think I picked it up after the first two laps, though.

And I definitely picked it up on the last four laps (second mile). That time? 7:54!

So, total, I ran two miles in 16:15. Fifteen seconds off my goal of 16:00 but I guess that's not too shabby. At least I ran faster during my second mile and didn't crash and burn!

My left shin and calf were a little sore as was my hip flexor area. My PT says I have a strange injury but she promises it will get better. Let's hope so. I've got a lot of stuff on my calendar.