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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fast as Lightning

Yep, another Wednesday, another track workout. Originally I thought it was going to be incredibly hot and humid so I busted out my "July" outfit. Skimpy sports bra, easy to remove tank top, and the shortest shorts I've ever owned. I'm not sure how I got talked into purchasing those shorts. Whew.

Anyway, it was certainly warm but it wasn't as hot as some of those track workouts last summer.

We started with our stretches and then a 15 minute warm up jog incorporating all our moving drills. I substituted some of the high knees with a "bounding" drill that my PT told me to do to work on my form. Then it was on to the interval portion of the evening.

We were doing 2:00 minutes at 5K effort followed by 1:15 rest intervals. The last time I did a workout like this it was much colder and we were supposed to be running at our one mile pace. And we got a longer rest interval. But I did 5 of them.

Last night I stuck with the number 5. Originally I was hoping to do 6 repeats but the idea is that you do as many as you can until you feel like you could do one more but don't want to. I definitely didn't want to after number 5. Not only was I tired and things hurt, but there was a huge storm rolling in. During that 5th 2:00 interval I heard thunder and saw lightning in the distance. I finished up that repeat, and decided I'd do one more lap of the track as my cool down.

I ended up booking it back to the start/finish line as I felt the temperature drop, the wind pick up and I realized the sky had turned a very strange color. Everyone grabbed their stuff and scattered. I piled people (and dogs and bikes) into my car so that no one had to walk or ride home and within minutes of pulling away from the track we were in a full-on downpour.

Of course, it only lasted about 20 minutes but I'm very glad I wasn't out in it.

So, I may have only done 5 repeats (even though I originally wanted to do 6) but I think I got in a quality workout. I didn't go out too fast, I stayed even, and I finished strong. Let's just ignore the fact that I think I was running a little faster than 5K effort....
1st 2:00 - .28 miles (7:15 pace)
2nd 200 - .27 miles (7:28 pace)
3rd 200 - .27 miles (7:26 pace)
4th 200 - .28 miles (7:13 pace)
5th 200 - .28 miles (7:15 pace)

Total mileage including warm up and my cool down lap - 3.43 miles