A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

May 2 - May 8

May 2

5.5 miles. You know, the usual.

May 3

No running but I did attend our monthly running club meeting where we heard a presentation from a local fireman/paramedic about what to do in various types of emergencies for various types of injuries. I swear, I could listen to fire fighters, paramedics, and police officers for hours. Anyway, I did get to learn how to use the AED machine. They're pretty idiot-proof.

May 4

3.63 miles in various incarnations around the track.

May 5

This ended up being a rest day. Unless you count the quarter mile I did in stops and starts on the treadmill while getting fitted for new shoes.

After work I had a 90 minute massage. However, I hadn't eaten enough during the day and I was really dizzy and out of it by the time I got home. Somehow I managed to both stop at the grocery store and make myself dinner without incident. But it was quite a challenge.

May 6

Rest day! I did see my PT, though, and we went over my gait analysis. Now I have about 1000 drills I'm supposed to do before running or at least three times a week. Sigh.

May 7

Wisconsin Half Marathon!

May 8

The weather was so beautiful on Sunday that although my original plan had been to be a lazy slug, I decided to get my bike outside for the first time this year. I drove to the Salt Creek bike path and rode just shy of 13 miles.

First Bike Ride of 2011 by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

I decided this would be my baseline for the duathlon I'm doing in June. I averaged just under 15 miles an hour with stops for intersections and slowing down for other bike and foot traffic on the path. That's not great but it's not bad, either. I hope to get out on the bike every Sunday between now and June 26th.

Total mileage: 22.23
Total strength training sessions: 0
Total bike rides: 1

Sigh. I'm still bummed about the strength training situation. But at least my mileage is still over 20 for the week. And I got out on my bike! So I'll be happy about those two things instead.