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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bye Bye, Brooks

On Wednesday night I joined the OPRC for another track workout. I admit, I was so close to skipping. I was tired and cranky and a little achy. But, Jason was right when he told me I'd feel better if I went.

We did our stretches and the same 12 minute warm-up as last time and then changed out the high knee and butt kick drills for skipping and a drill we call "stutter step". Which is just as difficult to explain as it is to do. And, of course, accelerating strides. For 20 minutes I only ran 3.63 miles, though, as opposed to the 4 I ran last week. Interesting.

The other difference was that we added in some non-running work involving stepping over the steeplechase hurdle for 30 seconds, burpees for 30 seconds, and then we threw in some planks for 30 seconds. For some number of rounds that I didn't count. Whew.

Sadly, when I woke up on Thursday morning I was S-O-R-E. And not necessarily a good sore. So after work I took the number one suggestion from my gait analysis and went and bought new shoes.

Say hello to the Asics Gel Foundation 9:

Apparently my left foot's pronation has gotten worse over time (probably due to my hip issue) so I needed a more stable shoe. I actually haven't run in these yet except for the short treadmill test run in the store but I'm hoping they'll help. The PT seems to think they will. Fingers crossed!

But that means no more Brooks. Which is too bad because I've been wearing Brooks Adrenalines since I got interested in running. I feel like I'm breaking up with a significant other!