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Friday, January 14, 2011

Can't Slow Me Down

An unplowed parking lot. Snow on the streets. Flurries in the sky. Cold that takes your breath away. None of these kept us from doing our speedwork on Thursday night. Sure, we had to pause for a few more cars than usual while doing our drills but overall it was a great workout.

We added a minute to our faster intervals meaning that we did 5 repeats of 3 minutes at 5K pace followed by 3 minutes of recovery jogging. At work on Thursday I watched a little video on the Garmin website in order to learn about the correct way to use my Forerunner 405 to do intervals. My attempt at self education worked and my Garmin behave itself the entire time. I was even able to log most of our warm-up lap!

Edit: Here's the video I watched

It's been so long since I actually raced a 5K that I'm not even sure what my 5K pace is. If I base my current workouts on my almost-year-old 5K pace then I'm going way too fast. Although, truth be told, back then I could hold a sub-8:00 pace for one mile of a 5K but that was it. Yet, I can do sub-8:00 during speedwork intervals no problem. Maybe it's just mental? I guess I'll find out in either February or April!

But back to last night. My paces last night were more consistent than the previous week and even though we added an additional minute to each interval I actually managed to run the 5th one faster than the previous four. Take that, snow and bitterly cold temperatures!

1st 3:00 interval pace: 7:52
2nd 3:00 interval pace: 7:57
3rd 3:00 interval pace: 7:55
4th 3:00 interval pace: 7:46
5th 3:00 interval pace: 7:35

So, yeah, pretty happy about that! Let's just hope it translates into something amazing for my goal races.


Anonymous said...

care to post the garmin video or link to it

Mica said...

Ah, it's so great when you get the Garmin to work FOR you, instead of against you hahaha.

Nice work on the intervals. Let's see some speedy 5ks!

kilax said...

Whoa, thanks for posting that video, it's awesome! I will have to try that sometime. It would make running intervals much less stressful, that's for sure.

I bet you are going to PR at both of your upcoming 5Ks!

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