A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

April 11th - April 17th

Apr 11

7 miles on my own. Been awhile since I ran by my lonesome. I didn't even take my music. Started out as one of those "bargaining" runs and ended up with me wishing I had more time to run further.

Apr 12

I almost managed to squeeze in a strength training session on Tuesday but in the end decided to give my left hip flexor/adductor a break. Instead I ate pizza, drank wine, and discussed the running club's website.

Apr 13

Instead of me running I joined a group from the club in order to cheer on a friend at the Wheaton Twilight track meet. She was trying to qualify for US Track and Field National Club Championships in the 3K and she did it with 9 seconds to spare. We were so proud of her. And it was my first time officially attending a track meet. Who knew they were so much fun?

Apr 14

A short 3.68 mile run at lunch just to remind my legs what they were supposed to be doing on Saturday.

Apr 15

Rest day! Had to get ready for Saturday.

Apr 16

A one mile warm up and then the CARA Lakefront 10 Mile race! I'm still in awe of how well I ran on Saturday, to be honest. Although, I was pretty darn sore afterward. I tried to go for a cool down jog and I could barely move. Thank goodness my physical therapist was there (the company she works for is the main race sponsor) to give a good stretch post-race. Running hard is hard work!

Apr 17

After generally being a lazy bum (except for a short trip to Target and the grocery store) I dragged myself to the basement for a weight workout.

I'm on the last workouts of Stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women which is where you back to the weight you lifted in the very first workout and see how many reps you can now do at that weight for one set.

Unfortunately, the workout I'm on right now is the one that aggravates my hip flexor so I lifted conservatively instead of going all out like I would have wanted. Still, there has definitely been improvement. For reference, the first two NROLW workouts are listed in this year's first Weekly Workout Wround Up. And here's what I did on Sunday:

1 set of 20 squats @ 40 lbs
1 set of 10 push-ups & 1 set of 10 45o push ups (look, ma! No modifications1)
1 set of 30 bent over rows @ 5 lbs
1 set of 25 step-ups (body weight only)
1 set of 20 prone jackknives

I also threw in a bunch of my PT exercises as well. I remember the first time I tried this workout the step-ups about killed me and I couldn't do more than 5 real push ups in a row. Thanks to diligently lifting weights (and a month of Crossfit) this workout felt much easier. I'm really looking forward to doing the other final workout in Stage 1. That one doesn't aggravate my hip flexor so I suspect I'll see a lot of improvement there.

And now it's Monday and friends from my running club are running the Boston Marathon! I'll be thinking of them, specifically Maribeth and John, all day and waiting to hear how they did.

Total mileage: 21.68
Total strength workouts: 1