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Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

I decided to bring back the weekly workout wround up posts since one of my goals this year is to do at least 100 strength training sessions. These posts are mostly for my own log so feel free to skip them :-)

Also, I'm hoping to keep up with them all year instead of just for the first few months like I did in 2010. Aren't you excited???

Anyway, here's what went down for the week of January 2nd - January 9th

Jan 2

I originally planned to go to the gym but it was my last day of vacation and I took advantage of that by sleeping in and doing errands and chores instead.

Jan 3

Ran an awesome 5.5 miles with the running group.

Jan 4

No running or gymming. I met Kim and my husband for lunch and then after work I went to my running group's monthly meeting. We learned about racewalking from one of our members who happens to be a USATF Racewalk judge and then we heard from another member about deep water (aka pool) running.

Jan 5

After a stressful day at work I wasn't looking forward to fighting for space at the gym with all the Resolutioners. So instead of heading there right after work I came home, made dinner, at dinner, and then headed to the gym for some strength training. Worked out well!

I did the Self magazine workout with the following barbell weights:

"Shoulder Shaper": 30 pounds
"Lean Leg Lift": 60 pounds
"Booty Toner": 1 set @ 65, 1 set @ 75, 1 set @ 85
"Sexy Back": 30 pounds
"Waist Whittler": 30 pounds

Then I did 100 crunches of various types, 30 leg lifts on each side, and some foam rolling. All in all I was in and out of the gym in less than an hour.

Jan 6

Approximately 5 miles of speedwork outside in the bitter cold and the pitch blackness. Why, yes, I am badass. Since you asked and all.

Jan 7

Look at my (early) birthday present!

Jason bought me a weight bench and dumbbells with 120 pounds of weights. He also lovingly put it together while I was at work on Friday. Of course I had to break it in when I got home!

I did Stage 1, Workout A of the New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLW). Workout A consisted of:

2 sets of 15 Squats
2 sets of 15 45o Push ups
2 sets of 15 Bent Over Row
2 sets of 10 Step Ups
2 sets of 8 Prone Jackknifes

I won't lie; step ups (done correctly) are HARD. I originally tried to do them with the weight bench at my step but after a few steps I decided that was too tall. Thankfully we have a pretty sturdy cooler stored in the basement that I used instead.

After finishing the prescribed workout I also did 100 crunches of various types.

I'm keeping a paper log of my weight & rep progression so I won't bore you with it here. But ask if you're curious!

I'm excited to have my very own weight bench in my basement. Now, if I can just figure out how to jury-rig a squat rack I'll be in business. Although, I guess there are some things the gym is better for.

Jan 8

5 Mile S-No-W Fun Run Race and after party. I think I may have burned more calories dancing than I did running. At least, my legs and arms sure seem to think so!

Jan 9

After getting home from my race and party weekend I hit the grocery store and then, at loose ends with what to do with the rest of my afternoon, decided to do another workout from NROLW. Workout B consisted of:

2 sets of 15 Deadlifts
2 sets of 15 Dumbbell shoulder presses
2 sets of 15 Pullovers
2 sets of 15 Lunges
2 sets of 8 Swiss Ball Crunches

Technically this workout calls for using the lat pull down machine but seeing as how I was at home and didn't feel like going to the gym for one exercises I substituted the pullovers instead. I think I'm going to try and alternate some of these workouts between home and gym just to work slightly different muscle groups.

Total mileage: 15.5
Total strength training sessions: 3

I'm well on my way to 100 strength training sessions! Also, I signed up for the evening CrossFit Bootcamp class that starts January 31st and lasts 4 weeks. That will knock off another 12!

My mileage wasn't that high this week but I decided my "official" training season doesn't start until today. Now we'll see the mileage climb!


kilax said...

Erin! You are kicking butt with the strength workouts! I am proud of you. And wish we lived closer so I could come use your bench (I had a dream last night that I lived two houses down from you - I wish!). What an awesome gift. Go Jason! I brought those SELF strength instructions today, but I have to figure out my workout schedule for the week. Are you going to share your new training plan?

That is interesting that someone came and talked to you about racewalking! Do people in the club do it?

Rose said...

I hate step ups. I feel like they look easy, so when I start looking like they're getting difficult for me, people at the gym are judging me. hahahha.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an AWESOME birthday present!!! Gosh, that will be so motivating to have that right in your own house. There are so many things i want to try in the weight section at my gym, but I'm embarrassed to for the first time (like step ups....I've never done them but I've ALWAYS wanted to try them).

d.a.r. said...

Awesome birthday present!!!

I love reading about other people's workout schedules :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Holy cow! What at thoughtful birthday gift! What a sweet guy you have. I fully support taking the day off from the gym when it's your vacation day, get the rest, you feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday! I got the head's up from Kim!
You're also giving me some good motivation to ramp up my strength training routine!

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