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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is the Zits


Runners talk about a lot of things that non-runners would probably find horrifying. Blackened toenails, being rubbed raw in compromising places, and emergency pit stops are all acceptable topics of conversation when you're with runners. But the one I don't hear about all that often is the topic of acne. Zits. Huge red or white spots on your face, back, chest, or other inconvenient spot. Is this because I'm the only one with this issue?

Yesterday I went out for a run at lunch (3.38 miles at a 9:28 average pace) and realized that I couldn't put my visor down as low as I wanted on my forehead. And why not? Because I have a huge, painful, red zit right in the center of my forehead, exactly where my visor usually covers.

I actually noticed it on Sunday after my 5K race but it wasn't quite so painful then. Since it appeared in a spot that my visor sits I can only assume it appeared in part due to the sweat that accumulates and gets held there by the visor.

So don't wear the visor, you say. Very funny. Have you seen me sweat? Even yesterday, when I was almost underdressed (capris, tank top, arm warmers) and I stayed relatively dry the visor had soaked up enough sweat to have a nice dark sweat line on it. I sweat. A lot. I need the visor to keep it out of my eyes. Which I guess means I have to deal with a zit that makes it look like I've converted to Hinduism.

Except mine is higher up than that.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who suffers the pain and agony of unfortunately placed pimples!