A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Wrap Up

Well, February wasn't the month I had hoped it would be, but it definitely ended on a high note! A 5K PR and placing in my age group? Yeah, I'd say that's a high note.

I also ran 5.5 miles last night with my running group. First time in a month and there was quite the crew there. I finished with an average 9:22 pace which makes me happy. At this point, after two touch and go weeks and worrying that I might have a stress fracture (or at least the precursor to one), I'm kind of throwing my half marathon training plan out the window and just running what I can.

Which means that in February I ran a total of 56 miles. Actually, I'm pretty amazed at that number since I essentially took two whole weeks off of running. And I was spending a lot of time at CrossFit.

And what about CrossFit? For anyone who wants to strength train but lacks the motivation to do it by themselves, this is the workout for you. Strength training meets a class format. Teams, competitions, and camaraderie abound. It's not easy and you might get frustrated at times, but you will definitely get stronger and have fun. However, I think I've decided to take a break from CrossFit at this point and re-evaluate in the fall. I admit right now I'm kind of burned out on having to be somewhere every night after work when I have weights in my own basement. Plus, maybe by the fall the gym will have moved close enough to my house that I could walk there. That's the rumor anyway.

But, thanks to my CrossFit class I finished February with 12 strength workouts and crossed one of my 2011 goals off the list.

I'm looking forward to March because, hopefully, that will mean warmer temperatures, longer days, and, as long as I stay injury-free, my first half marathon of the year.

And tomorrow I'm looking forward to announcing the winner of the Element Bar Giveaway. Today is your last chance to enter!