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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

With Purpose

Kim recently attended a running clinic where a former Olympic trial qualifying runner spoke about the mental aspects of running. I asked Kim to share the info and one of the takeaways that resonated with me was that you should know the purpose of your run before you start.

Will this be a tempo run? Intervals? A nice, easy run?

I admit that since my injury cropped up in February my Monday night runs have mostly been purposeless. I was just happy to be out there and running. I wasn't thinking about pace or even sticking to my training plan.

Well, this Monday night I ended up running with a purpose. Although I didn't start out that way. Originally I waffled among running 5.5, 8, or even 10.5 miles. I decided that 5.5 was fine since I hadn't run since Wednesday. And when I started out I decided I'd just run whatever pace I felt.

But then Laura issued a challenge. "We're running 9 minute miles!" she exclaimed.

Okay. I can do that. I think.

Let's just say there wasn't a lot of chatting during this run. I could talk if I had to ("I'm okay!") but mostly I just tried to zone out and keep up.

How'd I do?

Mile 1 - 8:51
Mile 2 - 8:49
Mile 3 - 8:27
Mile 4 - 8:14
Mile 5 - 8:25
Mile .5 - 8:05 pace

Average pace - 8:31

Holy carp, guys! It's been a long time since I ran this kind of distance that fast. My last 10K wasn't even that fast! And I came so close to negative splits, too! If I wasn't refusing to look at my Garmin I probably could have run mile 5 faster.

My shin felt fine while running but my whole left leg is a little achy today. I'll have my PT work some more of her magic on Wednesday.

So thank you, Laura, for giving me a goal. Thank you, Phil, for giving me a rabbit. And thank you, Kim, for reminding me to run with purpose.

OPRC Monday Night Route by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details