A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cruise Control

Wednesday night was another speedwork session at the track. Most of us are running the Race That's Good for Life 5K on Sunday so this was a workout targeted for that. The goal? Run one mile at goal 5K pace and try to imprint that feeling in your mind.

I was able to get to the track earlier than usual so I did a 2 mile warm-up on my own. Then I joined others in our group for another mile. Then we cavorted around the track doing karaokes, side gallops, high knees, butt kicks, and fast feet. I admit, I feel less stupid doing the drills on the track than I did doing them on dark residential streets.

After our warm-ups we launched right into our mile. My goal was to hit 8 minutes and I finished the 1600 in 7:56. My first 400 was a little fast but the last 3 were pretty even. Then we did 3x200 to work on leg turnover. Again, my first one clocked in at :52 but then next two were both :56. Right on pace.

We followed that with a 1 mile cool down before I rushed home to make dinner.

Did I manage to imprint that 7:56 pace in my brain and my legs? I don't know. I guess we'll find out on Sunday. My goal is to run as even of splits as possible. I'd like to NOT go out like a bat out of hell. If anything, I'd like my first mile to be a little slow. I'm notoriously bad at this but I'm going to try.

Of course, this all assuming that my newest left leg development gets better and not worse. On Wednesday my PT wrapped a band around my left leg and her hips and then did some crazy maneuvers in order to stretch my hip joint. On my way home after work the top of my left foot started hurting (feels like a tendon thing) and I developed a pins and needles feeling in the same foot. I iced the top of my foot after track because it was killing me. It still hurts today but only when I flex my toes or press hard on it and the pins and needles feeling comes and goes. It didn't' hurt while running last night, just afterward. Very strange. I emailed my PT to see what she thinks. I'm really sick of all these weird pains, though. I just want my left leg to get with the program!