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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Blugh. Monday night's run felt like death. The company was fine. The pace would normally have been easy. The weather was dry and cool. But my legs just felt like lead. I think Sunday's race took more out of me than I thought. It wasn't until we had to stop for a red light at mile 5 that I even felt warmed up. Thankfully both my shin and my adductor felt fine during the run but both are a little achy today.

Monday Night OPRC 5.5 Mile Route by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details

Also, my hips ached yesterday (and a little today). When I told the physical therapist that on Monday afternoon she said, "Good! That means you used them. They've decided to join the party as opposed to just go along for the ride."

I guess I've had a string of good runs lately that one yucky one was bound to happen. To be honest, I'm a little glad I'm traveling this week so that I have some schedule-enforced rest days.

Also, I'm grumpy about the fact that although the race directors said there would photographers on the course on Sunday they got exactly ONE photo of me and my form is horrible and I'm staring at the ground.

There's not even a finish line photo of me. There's one of Jacob but he's literally the last person they got a photo of crossing the finish line. At least of the photos they posted. If only I'd been able to stick with him! I emailed the race photographer to see if perhaps there are any photos that haven't been posted or if they really stopped taking photos at the 2 hour mark.

To make myself feel better I decided to do a good deed and help out the doctor who diagnosed my shin splints. She's looking for people to fill out a survey about running injuries. If you have a few minutes, take the survey.