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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Little Gym


Welcome to my living room or, as it sometimes becomes, the narrowest gym in the world.

For various reasons I didn't get a chance to sign up for Pilates for the current session and, even if I had, I would have missed almost all the classes so far. This means I haven't done any strength training for two weeks. I can definitely tell and I don't like it. So last night I busted out the yoga mat, the stability ball, and my hand weights and did some exercises on my own.

I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Although, due to an audio-visual equipment malfunction, it took me longer than 20 minutes. It ended up taking more like 35. After that, I did crunches, bridges, and some back exercises on the stability ball. Then I did some Pilates moves: supermans and roll-ups. Overall, I worked out for about an hour. I don't know if it was as good of a workout as I'd get if I was at the gym, but it was definitely better than nothing. I know I push myself harder when I'm at the gym but at home I take more time and focus on my form instead of keeping up with the instructor. So, I suppose it might even out. Who knows?

What about you? Do you prefer to work out on your own? In a class? At home? The gym? A combination of things?


Anonymous said...

I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred on Monday, cuz I hadn't done ANY strength stuff in a looooong time. And I could tell. I am still hurting from it. :(

I prefer to be pushed by a trainer, but that's expensive. Then I'd rather have a class, but the timing of classes is so tough! Videos at home are a third choice. Cuz trying to do anything on my own without someone pushing me somehow... not gonna happen. I can't just make up routines for myself and do them.

kristen said...

I can't workout at home - I need the focus of a gym. Sometimes I'll bust out some crunches, when I'm motivated by something on tv, like beach volleball ;).

kilax said...

Oh man. I feel so guilty reading this, because I have been ignoring strength training BIG TIME. I am not sure what I prefer, because I could never get into it. I think I would like a class, if it was at a convenient time. I liked doing the Shred at home. You know... back when I was doing it. Maybe I can do it tomorrow or Friday :)

Anonymous said...


I'm girlwithwheels from LJ runners. I think you mentioend yoru blog awhile ago but I never commented so I'm delurkin now ;)

I love working out at home. I find it so much more relaxing... at the gym I sometimes feel compelled to "get a good workout," but at home I can be pretty lazy and still feel pretty good. Then again, I push myself harder in my group spinning class (heart rate reaching 170) but at home in front of the TV it's hard for me to get my heart rate >150... both intensities have their place in my workouts though :)


Bayjb said...

I prefer to work out at the gym but I've been thinking of adding some gym mini pieces at my own place. I love your little gym!

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