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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Will Be Victorious


The scene: a treadmill in the basement
The plot: Woman has to run a 4 mile tempo run (plus warm up and cool down) at a 9:12 pace

Act I: The Warm Up

Should be a mile. At the half mile mark the legs just want to go. Feeling good.

(So come on)

Act II: Mile 1

Feeling good, feeling good, feeling...uh oh. Maybe not so good? What to do? How about a mind game? You can only look at the distance at the end of a song. Change the speed up or down when the song ends. Break it up into quarter mile chunks.

(They will not control us)

Act III: Mile 2

The mind trick is working. That first mile went by fast. Now it's just more sets of 6.5 MPH, 6.4, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 and on and on.

(Come let the revolution take its toll)

Act IV: Mile 3

Less than two miles left. Doing good. Stay strong. Keep it up. This is supposed to be hard. You love it when it's hard.

(Rise up and take the power back)

Act V: Mile 4

This is it. Pound it out. The faster you go the sooner you'll be done. Imagine crossing a finish line. See yourself pushing yourself. Pushing your friends. Just...one....more....quarter....mile.

(We should never be afraid to die)

Act VI: The cool-down

Should be a mile according to the plan. Who cares if you walk a bit? Get your heart rate back down. Savor the moment. Jog a bit. Hit the half mile mark. Call it a night. You did good. You did great.

(So come on)


RunningLaur said...

You said it, you did great! The treadmill is tough to keep going!

Lacey said...

love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go and i loved the way you wrote about it :)

kristen said...

I'm so glad you finally got some spring like weather!!

My neighbors have a slack line. That's HARD. At least you were able to stand on it...better than me :)!

Kelly said...

Okay I love that song too. Sounds like a great tempo run! Way to go. I think I need to get myself to a treadmill tonight. Your post made me want to push myself and work out. Thanks Erin!

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