A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

September 12th - September 18th

Sept 12

5.5 miles. Not much to say about it other than my legs felt totally dead and my calves took almost 4 miles to work out the knots. I always forget how much a half marathon takes out of me.

Sept 13

Rest day!

Sept 14

5.68 miles on the track. Where I failed to completely follow the workout but had a great run anyway.

Sept 15

4.9 miles at lunch. Another good run, but another fail at following my plan.

Sept 16

Rest day

Sept 17

Rest day. Unless you count mowing our postage stamp sized lawn, doing some weeding, and breaking down a ton of cardboard boxes.

Sept 18

Sixteen miles

Total running mileage: 32.09
Total biking mileage: 0
Total strength training sessions: 0

You may notice an abundance of rest days and a lack of strength training. I'm doing that on purpose. I've read somewhere that you should stop strength training a few weeks out from a marathon. Don't know if that's true, but since strength training still aggravates my left leg I'm taking a break until after Milwaukee. And taking a few more rest days to let myself recover from the harder runs.