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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Workout Wround Up

May Days Training Week 11: April 12th - April 18th

April 12

I could have taken the day off after my 5K race but instead I did 8.5 miles total with the middle miles being my tempo run. And, amazingly, I did it just as fast as the last time I did this same thing. Except that last time I hadn't run a 5K PR the day before. Woo hoo!

April 13

I was attending and presenting at a meeting during lunch so I missed my lunch time run. I suppose I could have run after work but I really wanted to get in some strength training. So, off to the gym I went for about 40 minutes of weights. I really wasn't feeling it, though. Amazing what a week off from strength training will do to you. Plus, the focus was triceps, one of my weakest spots. But, I powered through AND made a new recipe when I got home.

Strength Training with Triceps focus:

Stability Ball Bench Press: 15 @ 10 lbs x2
Seated Chest Press: 20 @ 20 lbs x2
Straight Bar Pushdown: 12 @ 20 lbs; 20 @ 15 lbs
Seated Dip: 12 @ 45 lbs; 20 @ 30 lbs
Reverse Grip Pushdown: 20 @ 12.5 lbs x2
Seated Shoulder Press: 20 @ 15 lbs
Free Motion Squat: 20 @ 20 lbs x2
Adductor: 10 @ 60 lbs; 20 @ 110 lbs
Abductor: 20 @ 85 lbs x2
Crunch w/Heel Push: 20
90 Degree Reverse Crunch: 20
Decline Straight Leg Lift w/Thrust: 8
Decline Crunch: 15
Side Oblique Crunch w/Legs Elevated: 20

I was also supposed to do the Seated Back Extension machine but there was always someone on it and I got tired of waiting. And, I'll be honest, those decline straight leg lift things were KILLER. I'm pretty sure I didn't do them right at all. I'll probably skip them in the future unless I can ask a trainer for help.

Apr 14

I managed to make it to the gym with enough time to do a little bit of strength training before my aerobics class. I don't remember everything I did, though. Some crunches on the ball, some roll-outs, some wood chops (regular, reverse, and side) some bicep curls and some shoulder presses. My arms were still a little sore from all the tricep stuff the day before.

Then, of course, I went to Hi/Lo aerobics and kicked some serious butt. Although, sadly, my knees were feeling a little beat up afterward. It's probably a good thing that I won't be doing this class during marathon training.

Apr 15

I was able to run at lunch even though I thought I was going to die while I was out there. As we were saying while running, it's easier to run in the winter because you can always add more clothes to stay warm. You can only remove so much in the summer. Running naked is not looked upon kindly on the Chicago lakefront. Also, ow. Anyway, I managed 4.8 miles and was very glad when it was done.

The weather was beautiful and I felt bad going to the gym after work but I don't really know how to do strength training outside. Any suggestions?

40 minutes of strength training with Triceps focus:

Stability Ball Bench Press: 15 @ 15 lbs x2
Seated Chest Press: 20 @ 20 lbs x2
V-Bar Pushdown: 12 @ 20 lbs; 20 @ 15 lbs
Rope Pushdown: 8 @ 17.5 lbs; 8 @ 12.5 lbs
Seated Tricep Extension: 20 @ 15 lbs; 20 @ 20 lbs
Seated Back Extension: 20 @ 70 lbs
Seated Shoulder Press: 20 @ 10 lbs
Seated Leg Press: 20 @ 55 lbs x2
Wide Stance Leg Press: 20 @ 30 lbs
Abductor: 20 @ 85 lbs x2
Crunch: 25
Knee Raise: 12
Bicycle Maneuver: 2 sets of 15
Ball Crunch: 25

I don't typically sweat when I'm weight lifting...until I start doing crunches. Then I'm practically dripping by the end. Whew!

Apr 16

Those three miles I missed on Tuesday transferred over to Friday night. Granted, I didn't run all 3.2 miles in a row but I still did them. Honestly, I know that part of running is getting used to expending effort over a a certain distance or time and that taking a break in the middle sort of defeats the purpose. But, since I did weight lifting in between I think that should count for something!

Speaking of weight lifting, I managed to get in three days this week with Friday night's session!

40 minutes of strength training with Biceps focus:

1-Arm Row (Stability Ball w/Dumbbell): 15 @ 10 lbs x2
Seated Row: 20 @ 30 lbs x2
Herculean Cable Curl: 7 @ 10 lbs; 10 @ 5 lbs
Low-Pulley Straight Bar Curl: 7 @ 17.5 lbs; 5 @ 12.5 lbs
Seated Arm Curl: 8 @ 20 lbs
Push Up (Wide Hand): 2 sets of 15
Seated Back Extension: 20 @ 70 lbs x2
Seated Rear Deltoid: 20 @ 15 lbs
Free Motion Squat: 20 @ 20 lbs
Seated Leg Press: 20 @ 55 lbs x2
Horizontal Calf Raise: 20 @ 30 lbs
Crunch w/Legs Elevated: 2 sets of 25
Side Oblique Crunch w/Arms Extended: 15
Reverse Crunch: 12
Side Oblique Crunch w/Legs Vertical: 15

My biceps were just not up to the task of so many different types of curls on Friday night! I would have liked some of those reps to be higher but I just couldn't do it without sacrificing form and possibly hurting myself. So, in the single digits they stay.

Also, that Reverse Crunch was supposed to be on the Decline Ab Bench but I kept it on the floor. No need to put that kind of stress on my lower back.

Apr 17

I spent a good chunk of the day with friends at a tea cafe having "high tea" service and I was pretty sleepy by the time I got home. I debated taking a nap but in the end I decided to leash up the dogs and go for a walk. We hoofed it to the public library and back (I had a book to return) for a total of 1.5 miles. If these tongues are any indication, somebody got a good workout:

Apr 18

Sunday morning brought a GREAT eleven mile run followed by breakfast with the running group. I admit I thought about taking a nap when I got home a little after noon but instead I did some dishes, vacuumed the living room, cleaned up the dog detritus in the backyard, made the grocery list, and went to the grocery store. I always feel kind of like super woman when I run double digits and do a bunch of chores all in the same day.

Total Mileage: 27.6

I actually exceeded my goal mileage by 1.1 miles this week. YES! This upcoming week will be a little bit more of a juggle due to work stuff. But I guess technically I should start tapering for the half marathon anyway. Right?

Also, the Boston Marathon is today. There are three people that I know of from my running group who are running. I wish them all the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Strength training outside....hmmm...push ups? Tricep dips? Squats/lunges? Pull-up/chin-ups? That's all I got. :-)

Anne said...

Good job on your workouts this week and yay for exceeding your weekly goal mileage :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww those pups look tired! Way to wear them out. And high tea? That sounds divine!

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