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Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Wrap-Up

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I was going to do an April Fool's Day prank and tell you all that I broke my ankle in Hi/Lo class last night. I had it all written out and everything. But I decided that was just inviting the universe to spite me, so I deleted it. No prank for you.

Instead, I just did the math like three times because I didn't believe the Bones in Motion site where I upload all my Garmin data. I thought it was playing an April Fool's day prank on me! I mean, look at what it says:


89.31 miles for the month. Whoa!! And I didn't even hit my max scheduled weekly mileage most weeks.

This is two miles more than my previous highest monthly mileage, June 2009. And I'm sure it was all definitely faster than that previous record, too.

Maybe that's why March seemed to fly by. Apparently I was running through most of it!

Other than that fascinating stat, the most notable thing about March was the fact that I ran in all kinds of weather. Rain? Check. Snow? Check. Sun? Check. All I needed was heat and the post office and I would be on the same page. Although, t-shirt and shorts weather was definitely upon us at the end of the month.

Most of my runs in March went well and I managed to stay off the dreaded treadmill the entire month. Yes!!

How about you? How was your March? Are you looking forward to April?


Lacey said...

congrats on a great month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) pr woo woo :)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome mileage for the month! And just think, with this nicer weather, it's going to keep goin' up!

My March was wonderful, and I'm looking forward to April, too. I love this weather and how it puts everyone in an upbeat mood!

kilax said...

Great job on the mileage! It will be interesting to compare this month to say, August 2010 or September 2010 ;)

I feel like March went really well for me too. Of course, I am super excited about the warmer weather and running in the forest preserves again!

Anne said...

Wow! That's amazing mileage!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Awesome job on the mileage. And I'm glad you didn't say you broke your ankle. I would have worried about you :)

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