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Saturday, April 18, 2009

System Failure

This morning, after hitting snooze about 30 times, I dragged myself out of bed in order to squeeze in a short run before I had to be somewhere. I've decided that in order to acclimate my body to these ridiculous race start times (seriously, what about all us afternoon and evening runners? Can we get non-morning start time for once??) I have to start doing my long weekend runs earlier than, say, noon.

I'm starting slow, though. This morning I finally left the house shortly before 9 AM.

I strapped my Garmin on my wrist, headed out the door, and did my warm-up walk while I waited for it to acquire the satellite signal. And waited. And walked. And waited. And walked some more. Finally I gave up and just started running. Somewhere around the half-mile point the Garmin decided it wanted to function. I tell you, I must emit some sort of field that makes that expensive piece of equipment decide to act totally random.

My plan had been to do an easy three miles. I certainly did easy miles (average 9:58 pace) but I don't think I got all three in. All that warm-up walking and waiting cut into my available time. I think, in the end, I did just under three.

Was it a good run seeing as how it was my first "real" run after my half? It was so-so. My left shin started to ache AGAIN and I was overdressed so I was overheating. I have to admit, I was apprehensive about this run. It had been a week since I'd really run. Would my body forget how to run? Would I feel too slow? Would I feel too fast? Was I really recovered from my race? I think my apprehension really messed with my mind. I felt as though I was going too fast but when I looked at the Garmin I was only doing a 10 minute mile. I think I'm having a few mind-issues in regards to my running that I need to work though. Mainly, not every run will be great.

In the mean time, I would like to give shout-outs to Lindsay and Holly who are both running races tomorrow. Lindsay is doing her second marathon (the GO! St. Louis Marathon...and she did the 5K today!) and Holly is doing her first half-marathon (the Santa Cruz Half-Marathon). Show them the same support you showed me; wish them luck!!!


Jamie said...

The first run after a race is always the most difficult for me too. And I hear you on the afternoon/evening races for us non-morning runners! Nice job getting out there!

Bayjb said...

Good luck ladies! And that photo totally reminds me of my dad. So sad, but it does happen.

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