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Friday, April 3, 2009

Freak out commencing in 5...4...3...


Last night I received a HUGE email with things to know about my upcoming half-marathon. HUGE. Expo information, dinner information, course information, start time information, finish chute information, post-race information, medal information, bag check information. AAAAAH!

It's like the first day of class when they hand out the syllabus and I get overwhelmed with anxiety about all the things I'll have to do and know. I seriously almost started crying while reading through the email. I've run races before, but none had nearly this much hoopla surrounding them. Even the Nike+ Human Race was pretty much a just show up and run event in the end. No expo. No pace groups. No pre-race dinner. No multiple finish chutes. Hell, not even much post-race food.

I just need to remember to breathe. I don't need bag check, my family can hold my stuff. I don't NEED to join a pace group, I have my Garmin. I don't HAVE to sign up for the pre-race dinner. I will eventually find my way to the post-race food. There will be plenty of volunteers on the course; I won't get lost. There will be people and signs telling me which finish chute to go down; I won't go down the wrong one.

Of course, I also immediately started thinking about where I would meet my family after the race, if I wanted to try and meet up with friends who are also running the race who I haven't seen since I moved, where I should suggest people spectate from, etc. I tend to feel anxious if I don't have a plan but I'm going to do my best to try and play it by ear. If I see people, I see people. If I don't, the world will not end.

Regardless, next week I'm going to be a bundle of nerves, I just know it. And race-day morning? I apologize in advance to anyone who will be there with me: I might be a tad touchy.

So, in an effort to dissipate my anxiety, I decided to do Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and then run 2 miles on the treadmill. I started out doing both the strength and the cardio portions of the Shred, but then decided that I would just let my treadmill run be my cardio. Overall, the strength portions of Level 2 aren't too bad. Just those darn shoulder exercises get me every time! I also avoided squatting as low as I did on Tuesday in an effort to save my quads. I have to say, I prefer the ab exercises of Level 1 to those in Level 2. That might have something to do with the fact that I have zero lower ab strength. It's almost as if those muscles don't exist.

The treadmill run was fine. Quads are still sore (lowering myself to the toilet is the worst part of my day, FYI) but the run helped some. I just did an easy 5.6 MPH and watched an episode of Jeopardy! I love it when I can predict how much someone will wager on a Daily Double. I'm such a nerd.

Tomorrow is my last long run before the race. Lindsay is driving to my house in the morning and then we're going to run on the bike path together. Then we're going to watch Spirit of the Marathon and eat my famous (okay, maybe not 'famous') ravioli casserole. I'm excited! It's been so long since I ran with someone else. Plus, her camera takes much better pictures than mine! Anything to keep me distracted and/or motivated for next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oooh sounds like a fun last long run! And Spirit of the Marathon makes me cry. LOL.

Michael D. Wong said...

Dont worry expos are fun - usually vendors to show off their wares and you can sometimes pickup some fun free stuff - Pace groups are kinda cool - basically they have people who run the entire race holding up big signs with the pace time (note remember they will probably have the marathon pace times i.e. 3 hour marathon, 4 hour marathon, 4:30 marathon) so you can line up with people who run the same pace as you - some people like to line up ahead of their time so they are not stuck behind slow people, some people dont like to line up to far ahead b/c then everyone is passing you. Really all in all its not too crazy just a lot of fun - I'm probably going to line up around the 9-10 minute mile pacegroup if you want to meet up. One thing I would practice is drinking while running, since you will pass water stations and its pretty hard to run and drink at the same time without slowing down. Also, while not necessary for half they sometimes help a little check out goo/power gel/sport jelly beans - I'm probably going to pop a few sport beans before the race, I'm not a big fan of doing them during a race b/c I find them hard to eat (really more of a marathon thing).

Kelly said...

I have never been to an expo before. I'm sure it'll just be tons of fun and shopping. I'm a lot jealous of your spirit of the Marathon movie session. Hope your run goes well too. How many miles is your long run before your 1/2? I'm thinking I'll max out at 12 before mine (in approx. 4 weeks). Just curious.

kristen said...

It's really easy.

First, do NOT do any more shred workouts!

Second, expos are fun and interesting and just part of the experience. Go tht before!

Third, you have totally though of everything important already so just make sure everyone knows EXACTLY where to meet you after the race.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!! You are so going to rock this!!

Can't wait to hear the race report.

RunningLaur said...

Expos are the most fun thing ever! You can grab all kinds of free stuff. (I used free laundry detergent for the last 3 months from my last expo!)

I love the toilet seat comment too - so true!

kilax said...

I used to freak out BIG TIME too when I got a syllabus. Races can be overwhelming. But you're right - you'll figure it all out when you're there!

I wish I was brave enough to try Level 2! Arg! I need to get my butt in gear in regards to that video!

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