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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Post Race Thoughts

Yep, that's pretty much what I looked like when I got done running on Saturday. Cold, tired, and disoriented. Too bad the picture's not in focus.

Speaking of bad pictures, the professional race photographers didn't get a single good one of me crossing the finish line. I'm bummed! You can see them all here. I was thinking about framing my medal with a photo of me crossing the finish line but I guess it's not to be. Maybe I'll make a color copy of my race bib (the original goes in the scrapbook) and frame those two things instead? Hmm.

I took Sunday and Monday off from running. I did one mile on the treadmill last night at 5.4 MPH. I had planned to run for 25 minutes but after a mile I started getting some pain in my left shin so I decided to back off. I'll try again on Thursday.

I admit I'm sort of lost right now. How do I keep up my fitness level when I'm not actively training for anything? It looks like due to work stuff the 3.5 mile race I planned to run on May 21st will be a no-go. I tried to find another 5K distance that weekend but there's not really anything. There is a 10-mile race on May 23rd I could do but I'd need to sign up ASAP. Any suggestions on what to do between now and when I start training for my next half-marathon? Training for that is tentatively scheduled to start mid-May.


Bayjb said...

I'm glad you took Sunday/Monday off. You deserve it. And it's okay if you take a little time off before training again, give your body a rest.

kilax said...

I think you should keep the mileage up! Maybe do back and forth short and long weekend runs. That is what I would like to do after my half. But we'll see ;)

Aaron Cunningham said...

I agree with kilax. Keep the milage up. You'll appreciate it for the next 1/2, and you'll really be making a investment for the 26.2, as well.

Not sure what the training plan looked like, but I'd drop back a few weeks in the plan to an 'up' week, and run those till you start your next training cycle.

I had to go back and look, since your last training long run was 10. Once you feel completely recovered (take your time!) I'd run 2-5 miles a couple days a week with a midweek medium run, and 8 for your long run. Try to do that 2 'up', then a 'down' with shorter long run for a break.

Use the base you have now to really kick tail in the next one. More long runs is better, and if you can get to overdistance it wouldn't be bad either.

Good luck!

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