A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Did you know that just to the southeast of the lakefront path that runs between Chicago and Lake Michigan there is a small piece of land barely connected to the city? From this piece of land you can see the skyline, Soldier Field, and McCormick Place. You can see the Museum Campus and the boats in one of the many harbors.

On this piece of land there are statues, an outdoor concert venue, an open prairie, and paths that run among all of it.

After work on Thursday I decided to explore this piece of land known as Northerly Island.

I almost didn't. I almost threw in the towel because it was rainy and windy and cold. But then Kim reminded me that I actually love to run in the cool mist. So I laced up my shoes and garnered a lot of stares as I ran past bundled-up commuters and tourists in my shorts and t-shirt.

I wasn't entirely positive how to get to the Island but I had an idea. After a few wrong-ish turns through some parking lots I ended up on the path. Where the wind was brutal. Since the wind was coming out of the northeast I was being blasted with cold air from the lake. But I tucked my head down and just told myself that this was our version of hill training.

As I headed back past the Shedd Aquarium the wind pounded the lake against the retaining wall and I got sprayed by waves. Just a little more mist on top of the on-and-off misty rain.

If I'd been able to feel my hands I would have stopped to take a picture. I may not have grown up in the city but the Chicago skyline at night just tugs at me. My legs and arms were numb and the wind wore me out but I'm glad Kim talked me into this run. And I'm looking forward to going back to Northerly Island on a day when I can truly appreciate this gem only two miles from my office.

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