A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm beginning to think maybe my body doesn't want to run any more this year. That I should have just been happy with my performance at the Milwaukee Marathon and gone on my way.

But, no, I decided I needed to run Las Vegas. So I didn't take very long of a break and got right back into training. I have that 4:30 course limit to contend with, you see.

Last night I decided to run to the start of our running group run and then do the long route for a total of just over 9 miles. The day after running 20 miles.

Yeah, not my smartest idea ever.

The first 5.5 miles went fine. No problems. But when we stopped at our regular regrouping point and I went to start back up again my left IT band attachment point started SCREAMING at me. The outside of my left knee felt worse than my right knee ever did last year.

It's not a joint thing and for that I'm grateful. But ITB Syndrome is nothing to sneeze at. I cut my run short and finished up with 7.25 miles at my long run pace.

I then proceeded to limp around to dinner and then collapse on the couch once I got home. I iced. I foam rolled, I stretched, I applied BioFreeze. I'm wearing my knee brace. However, the outside of my left knee is slightly swollen and painful to the touch. Perfect ITBS symptoms.

I've got a massage scheduled for this evening and I've been icing and keeping my leg as elevated as possible while sitting at my desk at work. I'll be taking the week off and seeing how I feel this weekend. I'm wearing my knee brace and taking Advil and Omega-3.

In short, I'm doing everything I should be doing to try and get this to go away.

Doesn't mean I'm not bummed, though.

OPRC Monday Night Short Route Plus by snmnstrz21 at Garmin Connect - Details