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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Wrap-Up


I guess the most interesting thing about this August is that for the first time in two years I didn't run a single August race. Building up those long distances on the weekends when training for a marathon makes it difficult to get in some shorter distance races.

Of course, that's also partially because the racing season slows down around here in August. Good thing, too, because it's been HOT.

Still, though, I managed to run an approximate total of 103 miles for the month of August. That's actually about the same as July but in August I skipped one long run and walked almost 7 miles instead. Those miles aren't included in this monthly total.

Was there anything else interesting about August? I hit a distance personal record with 16 miles. My 400 meter speeds are getting faster and faster, which is good and hopefully translates to faster times in general. I've powered through some hot and muggy runs. And I've gotten my first black toenail.

With August over I'm one more month closer to the big, bad Chicago Marathon. It's just 38 days away.

All I have to do is tackle September. Bring it on!


April said...

Great mileage! You will do great at the Chicago marathon!
I have had toe issues with the increased mileage too....I guess it's just part of it. I just try to keep my toenails painted so people can't see how thugly they are!;)

Lacey Nicole said...

great month!!!!!!!!!!! cheers to august and incoming september :) 2 races this month, huh!!!!! will be fun!!!

Amanda K said...

Wow! That's pretty much all I can say. I'm so completely inspired by you (in a non freaky way lol).

kilax said...

Great mileage for August!

Ahh... I can't believe the marathon is so close! Not to mention the half! Ha ha.

Johann said...

Well done! Keep it going through September, you are doing great!

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