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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New News

I'm writing this post after my failed attempt at my Wednesday night track workout.

Except it wasn't my left quad that gave me trouble.

The quad felt a little tight but not painful. My right knee, on the other hand, hurt from the moment I started my warm-up run. By the end of the first half of my second 800 pain was radiating up and down my leg and I felt like my knee was going to buckle.

I tried not to freak out. My coach massaged it for me and I kept moving and trying to jog a little bit. I couldn't even make it 100 meters before the pain reappeared.

So now I'm home with a bag of ice Ace bandaged to it. I've foam rolled and stretched. I've taken some Advil. It still aches when I put too much weight on it. And I'm covered in mosquito bites from where they attacked me while I wasn't moving.

I managed to last through a one mile warm-up, one 1600 at 8:16, and one 800 at 3:57. And, of course, that last 400 meters but I forgot to stop my Garmin as I hobbled across the line.

I don't know what happened. Sure, this knee was a little stiff after my 20 miler but I didn't think it was anything serious.

I'm trying so hard to think positive thoughts. I know it's no fun to read emo, depressing posts. I know some of you worry about me. But, to be honest, I'm scared. I'm crying. I'm worried.

Dammit, this had better get better in 17 days. Jason assures me I will finish this marathon and I know I will. Just, like I said earlier, I didn't want to do it in pain. Everything has been going so well. What did I do wrong?


Shannon said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Take it easy until the big day. You have the 20 miler in which is key.

Holly said...

You didn't do anything wrong! Just rest it until it feels better and you will rock that marathon!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry to hear that your knee is acting up. I hope it gets better soon, just take a break and rest it, don't stress.

Mica said...

Oh no! What kind of pain is it? Sharp pain? Dull aching? ITB? Runner's knee?

My fingers are crossed for you, and I'm sending encouraging, healing thoughts up your way.

Charlotte said...

Knees are such tricky things!! I don't have any advice for you but tons of sympathy! Being in pain and trying to avoid injury sucks all the fun out of a good run. Hope it gets better soon!!

PS> I don't blame you a bit for crying. I do it myself all the time, over much lesser things;)

Maribeth said...

I am going to give you some unsolicited advice:
1. Don't feel sorry for yourself. You are going to cross the finish line on 10/10/10
2. Do not run for a week. Keep icing and taking care of the knee.
3. Cross train (if you can do it without the knee hurting). Swimming is what I always do when my knee flares up. Look up aqua
jogging on youtube, I did it at the Concordia pool over the summer, they have all the equipment you need there.
4. Re-evaluate in one week.
5. The most important unsolicited advice I have is #1!

I have had years of experience with a bad knee and have finished 18 marathons, you are going to get your medal.

Anonymous said...

the good news is that you could do nothing or JUST cross train for 17 days and it wouldn't impact your marathon negatively in fact i bet it would boost it b/c you'd be so fresh for it. you've already done all of your training. i would suggest ICING EVERY SINGLE DAY. like intense icing not just spot icing- ice bath every day. or alternate it daily with epsom salt warm baths. i honestly think that would make a HUGE difference. and rest it. i would stop running. try some forms of XT if you want to see what won't bother it. good luck!!

Johann said...

I’m certainly no expert but I would not have done a track or any speed workout so soon after the 20 miler. Just relax and rest. If you run (after at least 5 days rest), don’t run for time at all, just tick over some easy miles. Don’t worry about the rest now; it will help you to be stronger during the race. Good luck!

Anne said...

I'm really sorry to read about your knee Erin. Big hug ((()))

There is tons of great advice in the above comments...smile, you'll be fine :)

bobbi said...

Boo! This sounds a lot like what I went through in August. I second everything that Maribeth said - no running until the pain is gone! Give it a good week before you try it out, and crosstrain if you can.

You are ready for the marathon, no matter what you do for the next couple of weeks. Let it heal...hope it's back to normal soon!

kilax said...

You didn't do anything wrong, this sh*t just happens. I also like Maribeth's advise! And heck, write emo posts if it makes you feel better. I wrote quite a few in June when I could not run (I had the buckling problem) and I didn't post them all, but getting it out there made me feel good.

Thinking good thoughts for your knee!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Erin....I am SO, so sorry. I HATE KNEES. I really do. I agree that you have the 20 miler in, and that is key. I KNOW you will finish this thing. You have been so incredibly smart throughout all of your training - you didn't do a thing wrong! I agree with Maribeth's advice, and ICING. Lots and lots of icing! Thinking of you...

Nobel4Lit said...

Take it easy! I would rather be undertrained than injured coming into a marathon. I learned the hard way. I am def more prudent now.

chris mcpeake said...

that sucks, as someone with reoccuring knee issues I definitely feel your pain

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