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Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Alternate Track

My performance at last night's track session was rather lackluster. Actually, I don't think any of us were pushing it all that hard. Most of us had run long on Saturday and then raced hard on Monday so really the last thing we wanted to do was run fast again. In addition, we were unable to use the actual track due to a soccer game so we were back across the street at the park. Also, since the weather was so cool our coach didn't let us lallygag as much as usual between runs. As a result of those things, my times were significantly slower than the last time we ran at the park.

.93 mi - 8:12
.95 mi - 7:53
.94 mi - 7:58
.96 mi - 8:02

.33 mi - 2:30
.33 mi - 2:36
.33 mi - 2:41
.33 mi - 2:35

Total distance: 5.08 miles
Average pace: 8:22

I think my legs were tired. I'd better rest them so I'm in as good of shape as possible for my half marathon on Sunday. I'm technically running it as a training run but, man, wouldn't it be cool if I could break 2:10? With that in mind, I'm considering skipping my strength workout tonight so I can be as rested as possible. What do you think?


Maribeth said...

I would skip the workout today!

Lacey Nicole said...

nice job!! :) and lol that cartoon :) and whenever you THINK you need rest... you probably do :) that is my MO.

kilax said...

I would skip strength too. And I just have a feeling you are totally going to PR... but a lot :) You have it in you!!!

(Besides, if you run hard this weekend, you will be nice and tried for our 20 miler so I won't feel bad about slowing you down, ha ha.)

Anne said...

Skip strength and crank up the speed for the half-marathon :) ...don't overdo it of course ;)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Good luck this weekend! I can't wait to hear about it. And the bad run will shake off, it's only one day, you have a big weekend coming up.

Tina said...

Still looks like a fabulous workout to me :) I would probably rest my legs for a half. I'm not too experienced though.

Mica said...

I don't think your workout splits are lack-luster at all. Definitely speedier than I can whip out!

Good luck this weekend!

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