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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Workout Wround Up

May Days Week 6: March 8th - March 14th

Mar 8

Although I dreaded my mile repeats and downgraded my workout from 8 miles to 5.5, I still managed an awesome run.

Mar 9

Didn't get a workout in due to a full day conference at work followed by a social gathering of the professional organization that I belong to. I read recently that one of the signs of being addicted to exercise is skipping social events to get in a workout. Guess I'm not addicted!

Mar 10

Managed to get to the gym with enough time to spend about 20-25 minutes doing some random strength training. On Wednesdays I usually just do some of the stuff I like with the stability ball and hand weights. Occasionally I throw in some cable machine moves, too.

Stability Ball Bench Press: 15 @ 12.5 lbs x2
Stability Ball Hip Lower/Raise: 15 x2
One Arm Row: 15 @ 12.5 lbs x2 each arm
Shoulder Press: 10 @ 12.5 lbs x2
Bicep Curls: 10 @ 12.5 lbs x2
Tricep Presses: 10 @ 12.5 lbs, 15 @ 12.5 lbs
Rollouts: 3 @ 15 sec
Side Bends on ball: 15 each side
Knee to Chest alternated w/Pikes: 10 total
Stability Ball Crunches: 20
Stability Ball Oblique Crunches: 20

After I do whatever strength training I feel like I head down to Hi/Lo aerobics. He didn't play my favorite song this week. I'm totally asking for it next week. More people in class with no rhythm except this time she kept getting in my way which was kind of irritating. One of the women who has been attending for a few weeks tripped over her own two feet and fell down. She was okay, thankfully, but that took some time out of class while the teacher dealt with her. So, overall, I didn't get my usual "going to die" workout.

Mar 11

Thankfully I got in a 4+ mile run at just about race pace at lunch so I didn't have to figure out how to juggle a 4 mile run, 40 minutes of strength training, AND making dinner after work. Instead I just had to do the 40 minutes of strength training and making dinner. My back was bothering me after Wednesday's workout so imagine how I groaned when I realized that Thursday's strength workout was "back" focused. Luckily I actually felt better afterward as opposed to worse.

Wide Grip Pulldown: 20 @ 20 lbs; 15 @ 22.5 lbs
Seated Row: 12 @ 40 lbs; 15 @ 30 lbs
Seated Back Extension: 20 @ 60 lbs; 15 @ 70 lbs
Push Up: 14 x2
Cable Front Deltoid Raise: 14 @ 5 lbs
Seated Arm Curl: 20 @ 25 lbs
V-Bar Push Down: 20 @ 17.5 lbs
Seated Leg Press: 20 @ 60 lbs x2
Free Motion Squat: 20 @ 20 lbs x2
Calf Raise: 20 @ body weight
Crunch w/Heel Push: 20
Straight Leg Thrust: 15
Bicycle Maneuver: 15
Crunch w/Legs Vertical: 20
Decline Side Oblique Crunch: 12

I had to wait for a lot of machines so I actually ended up substituting some things. Instead of using the fixed v-bar for the push downs I used the rope attachment and instead of using the horizontal calf raise machine I just stood on the bottom step of the stairs and did calf raises that way.

Also, the computer program keeps giving me the warning that my automatic weight progression has been disabled and that I either need to schedule another strength test with a trainer or re-enable the progression next time I enter my workout. I've figured out how to re-enable it on my own. Now I just need to decide if I should do that or if I should actually schedule a re-check with the trainer.

Mar 12

Rest Day!

Mar 13

Ran 9 miles in the rain and then downed some hot tea when I got home. Highest praise for my husband who was heating up water as I came in the door.

After running and drying off I met up with the Oak Park Runner's Club to hang posters for the Race That's Good for Life.

Chicago-area runners, I highly recommend this race. Admittedly, I haven't run it (yet) but my running club puts it on and the main organizers have run A LOT of races and have been putting on this race for 29 years. Anyway, group members split up and trudged up and down area streets in the cold and the rain asking businesses if we could hang posters in their windows. My poster-hanging partner and I probably weren't as pushy with the posters as we could have been, but I think we hung enough.

Mar 14

I didn't do anything resembling exercise. With the time change and all the things I had to do chore-wise it just didn't fit in. Additionally, I took a friend shopping and then we tried a new restaurant. Have you ever had Brazilian food (other than a Brazilian steakhouse)? If not, I highly suggest you try it. Yum yum yum.

Total Mileage: 18.72

Only half a mile increase over last week but it looks like this upcoming week I'll be able to get in all my runs and get my total back up over 20. Looking forward to it.


kilax said...

I forgot to ask you about the shopping trip!

I have thought about using those rope handles for the pushdowns. What did you think?

I am telling you Erin, that woman tripping over their own two feet? That would be ME :)

Did you read that Fitness article about being addicted to exercise? I haven't read if yet, but my mom was telling me about it.

lifestudent said...

When is that race? I guess I can google it ;)

Bayjb said...

Wow, I think it's great you still ran 18+ miles even with the crappy weather. You'll definitely hit 20 this week. you can do it!

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