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Thursday, March 25, 2010

That's Tight

A few months ago I was in Sports Authority looking for what the Chic Runner calls "booty shorts". I struck out on finding shorts but I did find two nice pairs of capri pants on the clearance rack for 40% off.

The one pair was technically a pair of tights in that they were really fitted and were tight at the spot where they hit just below the knee. Normally I don't like these kind because they make me self conscious of my hips and sometimes they're too tight on my lower leg.

However, this pair was super cute (gray with purple stripes at the bottom) and they even had a zipper pocket in the back! They were the only pair and grabbed them from the "Small" section of the rack and tried them on. Amazingly, I LOVED them. They fit perfectly and I thought they made my legs look pretty nice.

You can see me modeling them during the 8 mile run I did with Kim:


What I realized after the fact is that the tag says they're a size Large! I figured that the reason they were on the clearance rack was because they were mislabeled.

After wearing them for a few runs and deciding they are now my favorite pair of capris EVER I wanted to get some more. But these were the only pair at Sports Authority and I didn't feel like searching every sporting goods store in the world, especially since I'd thrown out the tags and had no idea what they were called.

The internet to the rescue! I starting Googling some of the numbers on the tags still in the capris and discovered that what I owned was a pair of Adidas Response DS Three Quarter Length Tights. And that 6pm.com had them on sale for $27!

But! Now I had the dilemma of what size to order. The ones I owned were tagged as a Large but were they really? Then I read the following review on Zappos (where they are also for sale but for $45):

These were extremely tiny! I wear a small in Nike for running pants and these smalls look like a child's small! Wow, please note this when ordering.

Okay then. I ordered a large.

I got them in the mail on Wednesday and they are PERFECT. I ordered a pair that are dark gray with black strips on the legs. However, I really want these, too:


Too bad those are still $45.

Anyway, as much as I love them, I think it's pretty crappy that the sizing is so off. Don't we go through enough hassle in our every day clothes without having to deal with crazy sizing issues in our workout clothes?

Sigh. On a more positive note, do you have a favorite item of workout clothing that you wish you had (or do have) more than one of?


April said...

I really like those! I have sizing issues all the time with workout clothes.
I found a pair of pink Nike running shorts at T.J. Maxx last year on clearance of $6.00. I haven't found anymore like them and I absolutely love them! I have worn them at about 90% of my races.


Love them! I have wanted a capri tight. I have 15 running skirts. You could say I'm obsessed!

Bayjb said...

Your modeling photo cracks me up it's so awesome. Are those really warm enough in the winter when your skin is partially exposed?

Anne said...

Those are great...and I love the pic of you in them :)

Lindsay said...

I think Dicks's how those booty shorts that you are talking about. I call them compression shorts though.

Lacey said...

i ADORE that photo of you!!!!! love the tights! :) i need to find some good spandexy shorts. not tooooo bootayyy but shorts :) i have never run in capris!!!! i only have long tights and then running shorts. time to go shopping!! :)

Anonymous said...

For some reason your pics aren't showing up on my computer. :-(

I LOVE Under Armour's Pants and Capris - I have them both, and really wish I had 100 pairs. They are both SO comfortable, and have held up really well (had both for about a year). They're a little pricier than I'd like to spend (I think the pants were $65, and capris maybe $50?), but they are AMAZING.

LOL @ Booty Shorts. :-)

kilax said...

I am happy the pair you ordered worked! That sizing is so weird. I am usually a large, so if I grabbed those and went to try them on, I would feel pretty bad. Ha. I would probably see them and realize they were WAY too small for me!

I really like these Nike capris but you can't see them well in that pic :)

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