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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I feel like this week is going by both quickly and slowly.  As in, I keep asking myself "Is it only Thursday?"  and "It's Thursday already??"

This could be because I'm keeping myself pretty busy.

Monday night I ran with my running club and played ambassador to a woman who was running with us for the first time.  We ran an average 9:30 pace for 5.5 miles (positive splits for me again) which she said is faster than she usually runs.  She kept up well, though!  My left leg, however, was a little pissed at me so I was glad for being too busy on Tuesday to get in a workout.  Forced rest for the win!

Actually, Tuesday night was our monthly running club meeting where we had the executive director and the racing coordinator for the Chicago Area Runners Association come speak to us about some of their new initiatives and to get feedback on what we though they could be doing better.  If you're a Chicago area runner and you don't belong to CARA you should know that they do more then get you race discounts and race training!  They also have partnerships with businesses to get CARA members discounts on running apparel, gym memberships, and other running-related goodies.  They also keep a database of volunteer opportunities so if you want to volunteer for a race in the Chicago area you can contact them and they'll let you know when they need volunteers.

Last night I wanted to get in a quick strength workout.  I did two rounds of the Bikini Beach Bum Workout from the Tone It Up training video series.

I followed that up with day 1 of a 7 day arms workout I pinned on Pinterest.

Source: skinnyms.com via Erin on Pinterest

Day 1 is focused on triceps and today my triceps are SORE! Whew. So far it looks like a really good series of quick arms-focused workouts to add to any strength routine. I usually prefer compound moves but every so often I feel like I need a more focused session. This definitely fits the bill!

Which means tonight I plan to do the second day of that series and throw in some Tabata intervals. Good times.