A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Because Sweat is Sexy


This week Mag Mile Runner asked:  Why do you run? What is the main reason? We all have multiple reasons why we run (physical and mental health, friends, competition, etc), but what is The One main reason you keep lacing up and getting out there?

When I was in college I hated to sweat.  I sweat pretty easily.  So much so that I didn’t wear make-up for those four years because I would sweat it off by the time I finished walking to class.shorts

Something changed, though, when I graduated and got out into the “real” world.  Suddenly sitting at a desk or milling away on the elliptical at the gym weren’t cutting it for me.  I wanted to feel like I’d done something after a workout.  I wanted to feel accomplished.

Enter sore muscles and sweat. 



I love the feeling you get after a strong workout.  I love to feel the sweat dripping off my face.  I love when I can practically wring out my shirt.  When my face is gritty with salt after a run.

There are lots of workouts that make me break a sweat.  But nothing makes me feel like I’ve really pushed myself cardio-wise like a strong run.  Track intervals, long runs, running a tempo pace with friends.  I’ll take any of those.  As long as they result in slightly damp clothes.