A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some days you're more motivated than others, right?

On Monday night I wasn't feeling all that motivated.  Right now I'm pretty much running once a week since I'm not training for a race and I'm spending more time strength training, packing, and going to various PT appointments.  So I knew if I didn't go out for a run on Monday I might not run at all until this weekend.

Which means that even though I wasn't feeling particularly motivated I went running anyway.  My pace was definitely on the easy side but I was running with someone who was joining the Monday night run for the first time so I didn't want to leave her behind.  That worked out well since I wasn't too motivated to push the pace much harder, anyway.

Tuesday, though, my motivation came back with a vengeance.  After doing part of the strength workout I'd been planning to do on Monday at lunch I decided to finish it up Tuesday after PT.

Some of that motivation might have come from the fact that my left leg, which had been bothering me after Monday night's run, felt MUCH better after PT.  Apparently if I just have my physical therapist use her elbow to loosen up the tight spots twice a week I'm golden.  Skip a week and there's hell to pay.  Not a perfect long term solution, though, so hopefully we can figure out something else.  Do they make compression socks for your hips?  I mean, I know they make them for your legs because Sara is raffling off a pair

Anyway!  After Tuesday night's PT appointment I came home and put together three parts of some workouts I pinned on Pinterest to come up with the following:

Complete 3 circuits – move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest.
Flutter Kicks – 30 reps (15 each side)
Side V-ups – 20 reps (10 each side)
Push Through – 30 reps

Lower Body
Complete 4 circuits
Step-ups – 30 seconds each leg; rest 10 seconds after each leg
Prisoner Squats – 30 seconds; rest 10 seconds
Stiff Legged Deadlifts – 30 seconds; rest 10 seconds
Butt Blaster – 30 seconds; rest 10 seconds
Heel Clappers – 30 seconds; rest 10 seconds
Leg extensions – 30 seconds; rest 10 seconds

Complete two circuits
Bicep Curls – 20 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Tricep Kickbacks – 20 reps each arm
Rest 20 seconds

One set of Tabata intervals

Let me tell you, those Butt Blasters are no joke!   Also, I'm pretty sure that after multiple days in a row of doing strength training my triceps are bigger than they've ever been.

So, yeah, motivation.  It comes and goes.  But, dang, when it comes you know it's going to make you kick butt!