A story of going from being a non-runner to planning for a marathon in three years...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

So, I ran on both Saturday and Sunday.  I felt pretty good.

Then came Monday night.  Since I'm moving this Friday I knew it was my last chance to easily get in a run with my running club.  Sure, I'll still be running with them as often as I can but I won't be within quick bike riding or running distance of our meeting place anymore.

And bike ride to the starting spot is what I did on Monday.  I do love my bike and am looking forward to spending more time on it on the lakefront path once I move.  Biking on road with intersections is a pain.

Anyway, the bike ride was one of the better parts of my evening.  So were the post-run margaritas and tacos on the patio of one of my favorite restaurants.  The run itself though?  Blech.

My legs felt like lead.  My usual easy pace felt like death.  "This is the longest 5.5 miles EVER!" I exclaimed to my running buddy. 

Turns out a lot of us felt that way on Monday night.  Maybe it was the slightly warmer weather?  Maybe it was that we wanted to get to the margaritas sooner?  Who knows.  I suppose, though, I should be grateful that my legs were just tired and not in pain. 

Speaking of pain, I have a combo ART & massage appointment scheduled tonight.  I'm interested to see if they can work some more magic on those tight spots surrounding my hip.  In the mean time, I'm taking the rest of this week off to finish packing and give my body a break.  Three days of running in a row is something I haven't done in awhile and now I remember why.  Got to work back up to that!