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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Several Things Thursday

Whew.  Sorry for dropping off the planet there for a minute.  Where have I been?  Moving to my new apartment!!

iphone pictures 033

That’s our kitchen/living room/dining room/balcony

Finishing up packing, moving, unpacking, and getting settled took all of last week and the weekend.  Monday I was back at our previous abode finishing up a few things.  So, I didn’t get a workout until Tuesday.

What did I do Tuesday?  I went for a run at lunch.  Just 3ish miles.  I forgot my Garmin since I’m all out of sorts with the move.  The run felt strong, though, so I’d like to think it was a good pace.

On Wednesday I rode my bike to work.  It’s about 1.5 miles from my apartment to my office and it took me a little less than 15 minutes.  Of course, I had to dodge cabs and buses and now totally understand why drivers hate cyclists.  I’m TRYING to follow the rules but when buses and cabs cut me off or drive so close to the curb there’s no room for me I’m going to take some drastic maneuvers.

Riding home was a different story.  First I rode to my ART appointment and that was fine.  Easy, even.  But getting home meant trying to navigated super congested streets with very little room for cyclists.  I have a feeling I’ll be checking out some out-of-the way streets instead of taking the more direct route.  Riding my bike was exhilarating, though, when it wasn’t terrifying or irritating. 

And then Wednesday, after my adventures in bike riding, I used the gym in my apartment building for the first time.

iphone pictures 041


I did the following workout.  You do the teal and the magenta sections three times each and the yellow sections once.  I had to lower some of the weights (specifically the bicep curls, tricep extensions and the chest presses) but overall it was a killer workout.  My glutes are still feeling it today.  Whew.


Should make for an interesting showing at the Chase Corporate Challenge this evening.  Yes, I’m running (but not racing).  But as a bandit.  I didn’t register so I’m just going to use someone else’s number.  Shhhh. 

Also, because I was so busy moving I didn’t get a chance to participate in Mag Mile Runner’s photo challenge for this week.  The prompt?  Your worst race. 

Soldier Field 10 Miler 2011


That’s me in the red tank top.  I don’t know what it was about this race, but my heart wasn’t in it.  And afterward my hip hurt so bad it was the first time I was really worried about what I’d done to it.  I think it was my horrible form on that day.  I mean, look at me in that photo. Ugh.  Anyway, the Soldier Field 10 Mile race is this weekend and I’m not sad at all that I’m not running it. 

That’s what I have for you this Thursday.  How are you?