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Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing Favorites

This week’s photo challenge from Maggie at Mag Mile Runner is:
We’ve seen your ugly race pictures. But I want to see your favorite race picture! And an explanation of why. It can be ugly or pretty, solo or with a friend or group … whatever reason, as long as it’s your favorite.
Oh my.  I have to choose a favorite race photo?  Strangely, I don’t have a lot of ugly race photos.  Actually, there are probably ugly ones out there of me (I can think of one in particular from the Soldier Field 10 Mile where my form is horrific) but I haven’t saved any of them.  For good reason.

However, I have a LOT of good race photos.  My husband is actually quite good at being my own personal race photographer and we have some good photogs in my running club as well.  Not to mention the few professional ones that turn out nice.

I mean, I could choose this one from the Cleveland 10 Miler I ran with a friend:
cleveland_10_mile 035
I mean, it IS my favorite photo of my arm muscles.  But I didn’t really “race” that race even though I had a total blast and was super proud of my friend, Rae.  So of course I can have good photos since I was pacing someone else and not pushing myself.

Or what about the photo from when my mom surprised me at the Wisconsin Half Marathon in 2010?
I have very fond memories of that moment but not particularly of the race itself.  That course and I are not currently on speaking terms. 

Then there’s my two 2011 marathons, Milwaukee and Las Vegas
Trend alert:  I like to open my mouth in race photos.  It makes me look badass, don’t you know?

But I think my favorite photo is from the Club Cross Country Invitational in November 2011.  I was miserable for that entire 3 miles but thanks to my running club’s support I pulled out a finish worthy of a photo.
Someone has to come last in a race.  This day it was not going to be me.  Why wouldn’t that be my favorite?