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Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

February 7th - February 13th

I tried to baby my shin as much as possible this week which meant no running. It's sad to see a "0" for my total mileage but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Feb 7

Back to bootcamp!

We warmed up with some stretches, squats, push ups, and sit-ups. Our trainer promised me that I'll get to 10 "real" push-ups faster than I got to 26.2 miles. I'm going to hold you to that, Major!

Then it was onto the workout. We rowed 200 meters and then did 10 thrusters. Times three. Don't get too excited, though. We did all our barbell moves with a piece of PVC pipe.

Feb 8

Tuesday was our rescheduled running club meeting. I co-hosted a presentation on our local race circuit and helped emcee the discussion of our individual goals for the year. I also did a presentation during the day for my professional organization so there was no chance to get in a lunch time workout. So, rest day for me.

Feb 9

Another bootcamp that started with a warm up of jumping jacks, arm circles, squats, push ups and sit ups. I managed one non-modified push up. But one is better than none.

Our workout consisted of a round of 5 deadlifts, 10 ring rows and 15 lunges. Repeat as many times as you can in 10 minutes. I made it through 6 and 2/3 rounds (only made it to lunges in the 7th round) and did my deadlifts with the 45 pound barbell. Great workout that left me feeling totally energized.

Also, I should note that my shin felt fine during the entire workout but started aching when I got home. I foam rolled and iced it before bed.

Feb 10

Jason's new bike trainer arrived on our doorstep on Thursday evening and I had it all set up and ready to go for him when he got home from class. So, with one bike trainer on either end of the couch, we rode "together" for the entire length of an episode of Dollhouse (about 45 minutes). It was definitely a little easier this second time but I still had to take a few short (less than 1 minute) breaks.

Post-ride shin update? Still achy but it didn't bother me while riding so that's something at least.

Feb 11

I actually remembered my bootcamp class was at 6PM so I showed up on time and we warmed up (no real push ups for me today. Sad face.) and then practiced cleans before doing our workout.

Friday's workout?

300 meter row
5 knee to elbows
10 push presses with the 35 pound barbell

Do that 3 times and you're good to go.

The knee to elbow move reminded some of us of when we were kids and used to play on the jungle gym on the playground. Remember hanging from your arms and then swinging your legs up and through your arms so you could flip off the bar backward? Remember swinging your legs up and hooking them over the bar and then letting go with your hands so you were hanging by your knees? Why don't we do that as adults? If we didn't forget how to play like that we'd probably be better at some of this stuff.

Shin Update Day 5: Feeling pretty good. No aches unless I press on certain areas. Still icing before bed.

Feb 12

Since I'm still resting my leg there was no early morning group run for me :-( Instead, I slept in and then went to the gym for a Vinyasa yoga class. I'm still not totally clear on what all the different styles of yoga are and I'd never taken this particular class so I had no idea what to expect. And if you've been reading this blog for awhile you'll know I'm not a HUGE fan of touchy-feely hippie yoga.

This class though? It was great! Lots of stretching which felt good and it left me feeling a little bit tired so I know I was working hard. I think I might start going more often, especially if I can get there after running long in the morning.

Shin Update Day 6: No longer hurts to the touch (yay!!) but still twinges every now and then.

Feb 13

Ended up not having a chance to work out today. I had been planning on getting on my bike trainer in the early evening but errands and prepping food and making dinner sucked up the rest of the night. Earlier in the day I spent a good three hours on my feet, though, walking around the Chicago Auto Show.

Shin Update Day 7: Not as good as I had hoped. Still achy in certain spots. A week off doesn't seem to have made a huge difference. A little bit of one, but not the full-blown 100% better that I wanted. So, I'm going to wait until Tuesday and try an easy run on the treadmill at the gym.

Total mileage: 0
Total strength workouts: 3


Rose said...

What a kick ass workout week.

I love workouts that are "do as many rounds of this in x amount of time." They always leave me drenched in sweat.

Holly said...

I'm sorry your shin isn't 100% better. :-( I do know what you mean...it's like, when you take time off, you want it to feel COMPLETELY better! But you are doing the right thing. And hopefully on Tuesday it will be feeling even better!

"Not a fan of touchy-feely hippie yoga" ---> ME TOO! Most of the classes I've taken have been Vinyasa and I LOVE them. From what I understand, they *seem* to be harder? I'll notice I'm sore from all of the sun salutations!

Mica said...

I feel the same way about THAT yoga. It freaks me out!

I'm impressed with all of your non-running working out. It's like you're diversifying your portfolio...your EXERCISE portfolio.

kilax said...

Your bootcamp class sounds so fun. Those thrusters look awewsome. And I will go play without outside anytime (okay, when there is no mud/snow).

I am bummed your shin was still moody at the end of the week. I still think it's good that it's not a sharp pain, and more like a bruise. Can't wait to hear how your run goes tomorrow!

(Oh, I forgot to tell you something funny in the email I sent you today. I was telling Steven how GRC asked if I was doing Ragnar with them, and I said no. Steven asked why I wanted to do it with your group. And I said, "So I can be with Erin!" and he responded, "But it's not like you'll get to run together." I told him that it didn't matter, we would be in the van hanging out, and having fun! Besides, I told him that GRC is doing a 30 and over group - I don't even qualify! I do wish we could be in the same running group. That would be fun!)

Anne said...

I hope your shin gets all better soon...good job kicking booty in that camp :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sorry to hear about the shin, i hope it gets better soon. I've taken Vinyasa yoga before and really enjoyed it! Glad you're liking it too.

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