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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Workout Wround Up

January 31st - February 6th

Jan 31

Monday night was my first at at Bulldog CrossFit bootcamp. I didn't break a sweat but, let me tell you, my arms felt like Jello for the rest of the night.

Here's the deal. We started around 7PM. The first 45 minutes were spent going over the workout, having all 12 of us try each move, and getting our "stations" set up. Then we started the workout in waves since we had to use the rowing machines and we only had 4. So, in order, we did:

Row for 500 meters
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 "jumping" pull-ups

The key was to finish as fast as you could. My final time? 7:22

I think we'll be doing this same workout at the end of the 4 week session to see how far we've come. Hopefully by that time I can do the push ups without modifications.

So, in short, 45 minutes of instructions and less than 10 minutes of working out as hard as I could.

Feb 1

The weather people predicted it. I didn't really believe them. But I was wrong and they were right and record making blizzard hit us starting around 1:45 PM.

Needless to say, my running group meeting was canceled and I got out of work early. But, the FedEx man was out braving the weather and bringing me my (early) Valentine's Day present from my husband!

An indoor bike trainer! The timing couldn't have been more perfect. So while the wind blew so hard it shook the house and the almost 20 inches of snow piled up outside I rode for approximately 40 minutes. I also realized just how much I slack off when I ride outside. I had to take a few breaks during that 40 minutes. Strangely, I hardly broke a sweat but it still felt really difficult.

And, come to find out, my parents bought Jason his own indoor bike trainer for his birthday so when it gets here in a few days we can ride together! Inside! I'm looking forward to it.

Feb 2

Snow Day! Work was closed and we weren't going anywhere. Almost everything in the area was closed but we decided to dig ourselves out of the house anyway.


Well, and play a little bit, too.

My bootcamp class was canceled for the night (gee, can you guess why?) so instead I counted the shoveling as cardio and did a NROLW workout.

2 sets of 12 Squats
2 sets of 12 45o Push ups
2 sets of 12 Bent Over Row
2 sets of 12 Step Ups
2 sets of 10 Prone Jackknifes

Afterward I perfected my homemade version of the peanut butter-chocolate protein shake I get at the gym. Yum! This thing is dangerous.

Feb 3

Intervals! Outside! For a total of 6.14 miles. Thank goodness for lights and layers.

Feb 4

Guess who was a total idiot and forgot her Friday night bootcamp class started at 6PM instead of 7PM and walked in as the group was finishing up? Yeah, that's me. Oops. Unintentional rest day!

Feb 5

Thankfully the bootcamp trainer was nice enough to let me make up Friday night's session on Saturday morning. Hence, return of the Jello arms! We did a lot of push-ups. I'm bad at push-ups. Fingers crossed I get better.

30 jumping jacks
15 medicine ball deadlifts
15 push presses
15 push ups
12 reps of deadlifts, push presses and push ups
9 reps of deadlifts, push presses, and push ups
30 more jumping jacks

After that I ate a small second breakfast and then went out for my 10 mile run. I'm much better at running 10 miles than I am at push-ups. For now, anyway.

Feb 6

Originally I didn't have any workout plans for Sunday (maybe ride my bike trainer?) but when I found out I had the opportunity to run with Kim I jumped at the chance. Literally :-) 5 miles and a yoga workout? Don't mind if I do.

Total mileage: 21.2
Total strength workouts: 3

I tried some new things this week, figured out some of my strengths and weaknesses, and, thanks to Kim, broke 20 miles for the week. I survived the blizzard of 2011 and had fun doing it. For now, at least, I'm not minding this whole winter thing.


Rose said...

You're a beast! What an awesome week of kick ass workouts!

lifestudent said...

Um, are you doing the girly pushups? Cuz I'm finally getting a handle on those ;) The "real" ones? Im aiming for being able to do those for next years resolution.

Mica said...

I agree with Rose above. That is an intense week of workouts. I love how you decided to incorporate strength and just DID it! Good for you!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Wait, you did all of that in 7 minutes and 22 seconds? Damn, I would finish in like TRIPLE that time. I'm weak.

kilax said...

Yay for loving winter workouts! If you embrace winter, I think it's so much better!

I am curious to hear how last night's session went! I was inspired by our lunch conversation to see how many "real" pushups I could do during the Shred. Apparently 10. Then I was spent for the rest of the session ;)

Seeing your bike trainer makes me want one even more. I am going to see what Steven thinks. I bet I would find out I am a slacker too. Has Jason's arrived?

You will have to tell me about the peanut butter-chocolate protein shake. I just bought some vegan protein powder to try! I was reading reviews and people recommend mixing it with milk or a smoothie.

Great week Erin, you're on a roll! :)

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